Friday, July 31, 2009

officially on a quilting break

yesterday and today i made 26 more of my string quilt blocks. it was actually very relaxing and fun but i'm taking tomorrow off and we leave sunday after church.
i now have 51 blocks. i want it 8 rows by 10 rows. we'll see. that would make a VERY LARGE quilt! i love big quilts though so we'll see. it was looking large when i laid it out 7 rows by 7 full rows and two left over. i really LOVE this quilt and the way it's coming together. i can't wait to sew the rows together. but that's for a later date. i'm not going to take the whole vacation off of blogging but i am taking a few days off! have a GREAT couple of days.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

a few car projects

Here are three quilts ready to be bound in the car. :) I can't wait. I really want to start them now but I'm holding out. Two are baby quilts and one is a lap size. I will show the finished projects while on vacation!:)
This is Ruby helping me email this morning. I just think she is so very cute!!

Apparently, she wanted to pose. :) I don't know what I'm going to do without her for almost two weeks. My sister is going to take her and they are excited. She will be treated like a queen! Very fun for her. Hope you have a good rest of the day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

panic moment!!!

I was quilting the blue and green quilt and RAN OUT OF THREAD!!!! I was in a panic. Luckily amandajean came to the rescue. It pays to shop with a friend!:) THANK YOU amandajean!!! I finished it and will bind it in the car! This is the last of my quilts before I go. I think this will be for a different nephew and his wife who are going to have a baby in Sept. I was going to give them the zigzag but if I remember correctly this is more the color scheme they were going with. I like it. Hope you have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

staying on task

i have to stay on task so that i can get everything done by sunday when we leave for vacation. this quilt is for my nephew and his soon to be wife. i hope they like it. as you can see it's pinned and ready to go. i'm going to start that today.
just thought you'd like to know that pete doesn't seemed to stressed today!:) i just LOVED it!!! he likes my 9 patch also!:)

Monday, July 27, 2009

good times

i made sure that i had this to bind in the car on our trip. i thought it will take awhile (not that it didn't) but the trip was 4 hours and it didn't take me the whole time. i guess when that's all you have to do it goes quick!! i wasn't sure about this quilt at first but now that it's completely done i like it!!!

i just went with a plain backing and an happy i did. i'm kind of over the parchment color but there are times when i like it. like now!:)

this is the reason i made it. for the end of our bed. kind of brings some contrast with the parchment. i'm good with that.

here are the men in my life!!! i just love them. we had a very nice weekend. it was a beautiful wedding.

before we left town we went to a delicious pizza place!!!!!! we all really liked it which is a challenge in our household.:) anyone else have those problems with kids???

they also go to go cart. the younger on is driving. scary!!! he did fine after totally driving into the tire side part. they got YELLED at and my husband and i kind of started to laugh because we thought "he's only 8 and he only ran into something once!"
last but not least i spotted a quilt shop on the way up and got to stop on the way back! they had some nice fabric BUT i didn't buy any!!! can you believe it???? i am really trying to save my money for the fabric shack next week!!!!!!! i CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! hope you have a great day!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

weekend getaway

I just wanted to post before I left for the weekend. Plus tI want to let you know who the winner of my little giveaway is. It's Leslie!!!! She has been a follower for awhile and always has such sweet encouraging things to say so I'm happy for you Leslie!!! These are my new 9 patches. I'm going a different direction this time. I don't want to do sashing so I'm doing to kinds of 9 patches so that they can lay right next to eachother. I'm liking it.
It is also different for me becsause it was scraps from this quilt and so I just cut them all up and am ready to keep making them as I feel. I don't think I can get 70 out of the scraps but I'm going to work with what I have and if it's a lap size that's fine because I'm working on the binding to the stacked coins quilt that goes on the end of my bed.
This is a project I'm going to try to get done before we leave for vacation on the 2nd. We have a nephew that's getting married and I thought I'd whip them up a quilt. This quilt is very easy so I thought I'd at least try!:) Have a great weekend. We will be at a wedding and I think since it's going to rain here the indoor waterpark will be very FUN!!!:)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

do you ever wonder...

how certain patterns even get made? i do. i have been wanting to do this quilt for about 6 months and when i read the pattern i felt like they made it more difficult than it needed to be!! so i just found the measurements and went from there. i REALLY LOVE this quilt!!! it is the wee play line. i will be making this quilt AGAIN!!!
here is a pile of scraps from my wee play quilt and was wondering if anyone wanted to do a giveaway? if you would like this little pile of scraps please leave a comment and let me know. i will pick a winner friday morning before i go out of town.
this is my last old wip!!!!!!! hip hip hooray!!!!!! now i only have new starts!!!! one i can't wait to show when i get a few more done!! i have to finish this one before july is done. that was my goal and i want to keep it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i'm having fun!

i really love this quilt and am glad that it will stay in the family. my husband's nephew (i guess he's mine too:)) and his wife are due in september and so i made this for them. they are having a boy. my boys like this quilt too. they are convinced that their cousin will like it also!:)
this is the back. LOVE the elephants. this quilt measures 42.5x59.5. to me this is a perfect baby size. not to small not to big. even though i like bigger because if the child likes it he can grow with it.
i used a light blue thread for the stippling. i really like having a different color thread when there's white. i like some of the stippling to show up. i do love that washing a quilt really helps hide any mistakes. this quilt was VERY soft when i pulled it out of the dryer!!! LOVE that!!!

the binding on this quilt is an amy butler stripe from the belle line. i bought it about a year ago and it was brighter than i thought so i wasn't sure what to do with it. it really matches this fabric PERFECTLY!!! i was very happy about that!
it's a rainy day here so i'm hoping to finish another baby quilt top i have going. i am going to be doing baby quilts a lot now for the fact that my husband and i just figured out that within the next 7-8 months our church is going to have a baby boom!! we have 7 ladies pregnant and one with a set of twins!!!! how very fun!! 8 babies in less than 9 months. i can goooooooo crazy!!!!!:) hope you have a FANTASTIC day!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

how fun!!

i won aimee's giveaway and i got it in the mail today. how fun is this. she wrapped it!!! i need to remember to package my giveaway better. it's fun to get something that you have to unwrap!
it was this GREAT pin cushion and this fabulous charm pack! i can't wait to work with it! thank you so much aimee.

plus, cynthia was one of my winners on my last giveaway and she bought this fat quarter and sent it to me!!! how incredibly thoughtful! i can't wait to use this also!!!:) just wanted to share the fun things i got in the mail this morning. hope you have a SUPER day!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

by the hair of my chinny,chin chin

It's stippled, binding is on, it's washed and ready to go! Her birthday is Thurday the 23rd and I'm sending it out this morning. It should get to her in time. Nothing like a last minute thing. I hope she likes it.
This is what I came up with for the back. Once again I didn't want to buy any fabric so I had the two bigger pieces in my stash and then just used leftover fabric from the front. Just chunks cuz I needed a bigger amount. This quilt measures 51x66.5. That's small to me but Marilyn is only 4'11". So this will be big for her:).

I used Denyse Schmitz brown fabric for the binding and LOVE it. Her fabric really is soooo great! I get to go pick my oldest up from camp today. Man I've missed him. It just isn't the same without one of your kids. We are making it a family thing. It's a couple hour drive so it should be a good time. I don't have any binding projects so I'm taking some library quilting books with me to look at.
Hope you have a FANTASTIC day!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

stack #1

I'm so happy I went with the zigzag! I LOVE this quilt. My guess is I will try to sell it because I don't need it but I sure do love it!!! It will be a baby size. Well, what I consider baby size.:) I followed amandajean's tutorial. It was easy and fun!! She is a fantastic teacher. I feel blessed to have had her teach me. If you are looking for a get away she is going to be the speaker in CO in November. I think there are some spots left. If you are interested you can check out her blog here.
This is be the back of the quilt. As you can tell (if you linked to the tutorial) I TOTALLY copied her quilt I just used white!:) This is a VERY fun quilt to me! This quilt took me about 2 1/2 to 3 hours today from start to finish. Although I still need to cut the points off.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

new beginnings

I'm going to get some new quilts started and I'm sooooo very excieted!!! I'm trying to figure out which way I want to go with this quilt.

Should I go this way (up top) or this way (down below)?

Here is a pile of pink, mauve and burgandy. I really like this stack. It will be a little more of a color challenge but I like it!

This might be one of my favorite stacks because it's the red and aqua stack that I've been dying to get to. I'm just not quite sure which pattern to use. That red polka dot is the last bit of the american jane polka dot. My very favorite.

This is a stack of blues and greens that will be mixed with white. I think I'm going to go with a bigger pattern one like square dance. I'm not sure though.

This will be a precious baby quilt. I have friends who just had a baby. I love the bunny and duck print. I'm not sure if you can see them that well.

This will be a baby quilt also. I have a pattern in mind for this. I can't wait to get going on this one.

I'm not sure about this stack I just liked the way it looked together.:)

After all that check it out!!!!! I have a FREE drawer!!!! I haven't had a free drawer in months. I'm feeling really good about using what I have. Plus, I'm going to be at the fabric shack in less than a month!!! I will not feel bad one bit about buying some more beautiful fabric.
If you want to give me a suggestion about what to do with one of the stacks I would love your opinion!! I hope you are having a great day!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

new quilt top

Can I just say that it feels so very good to start new quilts. I used straight from my stash which is GREAT and helps the stash to go down some. Also this is for a friend whos birthday is the 23rd of this month. Nothing like a deadline to get you going! I'm going to have to get something for the back I think. I'm going to see what I can come up with but I have bulk of pinks, and greens and maybe some blues but no reds, browns, or creams.
This is a favorite square of mine. I really like how this quilt top turned out. I just hope Marilyn will. She has been such a good friend! I've know her since 6th grade. Good times, good times!:)
Hope you have a great day and are having a good summer. I can't believe it's half over. Wow time is flying.

Friday, July 10, 2009

phew i made it!:)

i finally finished this quilt. i'm not sure how big it measures but it's done and i will use it for a baby quilt.
the back is the last of my green polka dot. it's sad to see it go but once again i'm glad i used it. and i love it with the pink polka dot binding. i'm just glad that i got one more of my wips finished. i have one more wip i need to finish up. and then i can start a BUNCH of new ones!!! i love that feeling!!! hope you have a great day and weekend!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

my new favorite!!!!:) and other stuff;)

this is my new favorite!!! i'm in love with this quilt. i could make 100 more. (literally i could with all the scraps i have);) i just love it and can't wait to see everyone elses.
i straight line quilted this quilt. i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the grid look on this but DO NOT LIKE straight line quilting AT ALL!!!!! i will do this style when i thing it works for the quilt other than that i'm sticking with stippling! WAY easier!!! i didn't buy any fabric for this quilt either!!! i'm loving this whole using what i have theory!!
just a closer look at the front. this quilt measures 62x85. i have a feeling that i will be using this quilt A LOT!!! i want to take it everywhere i go.:) i'm a total nerd and i love it!
i used some walmart green polka dot that at one point i had 15 yards. i don't think i have any yardage left.:( oh well. it was used at least.
since i have been gone for awhile i thought i'd share a few of the reasons why. one is this quilt. my new pink and orange quilt. IT'S A LOT OF PIECES. and i'm still not done cutting out. not to mention all the small sewing that needs to happen. but i really think this quilt will be worth it.
i'm also working on the stippling of this quilt. hopefully, i will be able to post it done at the end of this week. cross your fingers.:)
other stuff that's kept me busy (like most people) are kids and holidays. this is some of the fun the boys and cousins had on the 4th.
the cousins.

what made this year sooooo much fun for the boys was that they got to light some of the things!!! i wasn't so sure but my parents my sister and brother-in-law and my husband all assured me that we would all be right there!:)

i have also been dealing with a stressed cat. i'm not kidding. he was having internal problems and the bet told me it was due to stress. how does peter (the cat) spell stress. R-U-B-Y.:) we have to work on keeping ruby away and destress our cat. we are crazy!!!
lastly, i woke up about a week ago and thought that a woodpecker was going to town on one of our trees outside. well, come to find out it was the tree spliting. so now our tree looks like this... kind of sad. and we have one more that needs to come down. we are going to only have one tree out front now. i'm usually talking very badly about these trees come time to rake but now that it's down i was sad i ever got mad at all the leaves it made.:) oh well, we will plant a new one and in 25 years or so we will have a decent tree again.:) only 25 years or more.:) Hope you are having a FANTASTIC summer.