Friday, October 28, 2011

another quick b-day quilt

using the same fabric i'm making another friend a b-day quilt. this time i'm using the flea market fancy pattern. LOVING it!!! i will show the finished product soon. :)

have a FANTASTIC weekend.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

where there's a will...

there IS a way. i started this quilt on monday knowing that i had to try and get it done for a surprise party today. and i DID it!!! i'm cutting it close but it's in the washer right now!:) i LOVE this quilt. i will be making one for me! :) i was on amanda's blog last saturday looking at some of her tutorials and came across this one!!! love it. you should check it out. it's called cart wheels.

i used a solid back from joanns. it's taupe. and a burnt/rusty orange solid for the binding. i'm REALLY getting into solids. connecting threads has SUPER nice solids at a very affordable price. you should check them out. :) wow i'm just sending you all over the place today!

here is just a little closer shot of some of the yummy fabrics in this quilt! these colors look like my friend and i hope she likes her 50th bday surprise party!!! :) hope you have a GREAT day and week!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

cold weather is here...

and it is sooooooooooo much fun to quilt!!!! this is my new christmas quilt and i am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with it. do you just ever have a quilt you LOVE??? it is all quilt shop fabric which makes it all the better in my opinion. sale quilt shop fabric.

the back is a green fabric from the line. i really liked it. this quilt shrank A LOT. i have NO idea why. i still love it though!! :) are you ready for christmas??? :)

this is a baby quilt for a lady that i worked with last year. it's very soft colors. almost too soft of colors but it's still sweet. if you can by chance zoom in i LOVE the non pieced block fabric. some of that quilt shop going out of business stuff. soooooooooo sweet! i have it in blue also and will show the baby boy quilt i made when its done.

the back it a sweet little polka dot. i really like the hot pink binding to give it a punch!! hope you are having fun quilting!!! :) have a great week!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i'm over it

i'm over taking these 1" scraps and using them for things. i have definitely gotten my moneys worth with this fabric!!! i used these 1" scraps to make a coaster for work. it's bright and fun and if i'm having a bad day all i have to do is look at it and think sunshine and outside. :) this coaster finished about 5" squared. i though binding would be fun so i made it a little bigger. i could use a bowl on it also. :) the squares end up being a 1/2". so cute!!! but not so great to pin and work with. plus when i straight line quilted it it pulled so it's a bit wonky. oh well!!

i just used the orange polka dot on the back and called it a day and am now done with those scraps. they are in the garbage!! i've got other fabrics to wear into the ground. :) hope you have a FABULOUS day!!