Monday, February 22, 2010

quilts for friends

this is lemon drops finished. i made this for my friend kathi. she just recently got a job and i thought i remember her saying she liked yellow and so i made her a quilt.
i used some katie jump rope fabric as the binding and LOVE it. this is very soft on the eyes. i do LOVE bright but this is a fun change.

i'm a geek and i love it!! :) i made the card to match. i was able to give it to her saturday and she liked it!!

this was for my friend jody who also got a job recently and i was so happy for her. they are both working at the same school in the same area. she liked her quilt also. it can be very difficult making quilts for people that you don't really know what there style is in there house. although, barely any of my quilts match my decor but some people want everything to match. me - not so much.

for the back i used two fabrics that i already had a green and an orange ginham.

i used a solid orange on the binding...

and i made a card to match again. :) i'm now working on a baby quilt for a shower i have this sunday. i better get cracking. what are you up to???

Sunday, February 7, 2010

while i've been working

i have still been able to finish some things up and start some new things. this is a red and aqua quilt for my niece jessica. i told her i would make it for her months ago and i finally finished it. hope she liked it!
i pieced the back together with what i have so not to buy any fabric that i don't need!! :) i guess i'm going to use those cherries till the very last little bit!

the binding is also fabric that i've had for quite awhile. brought yards and yards of it but am now using it so that's good.
i know i wasn't going to show sneek peeks but oh well. this is all from scraps and i got the idea from amanda. she used different colors i stayed in the same color because i have someone in mind for this quilt called lemon drops. :) very fresh and clean!!! i really like it!

and here are a couple bags i made for a couple ladies i've been working with. they happened to comment on a bag of mine so i made them one. they are a little older and were SOOOOO sweet about getting a bag. it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun to GIVE!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

same bag different colors. i hope you all have a FANTASTIC day and i will be back here fairly soon!!! blessings!!! :)