Saturday, August 27, 2011

new project

my favorite fabric store is going out of business (which is SUPER SAD) but i've been stash building a little and these are a few of the fabrics that i've purchased and i also bought this pattern. i REALLY liked it. i'm to embarrassed to show how much fabric i've bought. i don't need it but this shop is FABULOUS that i just have to get as much as i can before it's gone. wednesday is it's last day!! :( :( maybe i'll show what i've bought at the end of this week because i have a feeling i'll be back one more time before she closes. it's hard to pass up discounted quilt shop fabric!!! have a great weekend! i forgot to say that this pattern is called sweet sugar swirls by fig tree & co. just in case anyone might want to look for it.:)

Monday, August 22, 2011

go big or go home :)

apparently this is my motto. :) here it is my 70 1/2 x 98 size 36 patch. it's so very hard for me to stay small. i'm a couple of rows from a king size and so i'm thinking about it. I was going to give this to my sister-in-law but this is so big for a lap size. :) seeing my sister-in-law is maybe 5'2". :) she could wrap up with all four kids! :)

i doubt i want to make another king right now so maybe i take a row off and use it in the back of the quilt. hey there's an idea!!!:) the reason i did sashing was i just had to show case my patches. i just couldn't handle the print on print. i think that was probably the point of this but i just couldn't do it. sorry. :)hope you are having a great day!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

couldn't wait!!!

i just couldn't wait to get started on my 36 patch assembly. all together my blocks were just tooooo much. so i decided to go a sashing route and i LOVE it. i hope my sister-in-law will also :) i am also a little addicted to patches. i just make a 16 patch and a 9 patch and am trying to figure out what to do with them. they are SO much fun!! can't wait to start seeing every ones! have a great day! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

round and round we go...

where we stop no one will know! :) i am in LOVE with this circle quilt!!! i love the boarder of bright circles on white. to me it helps this VERY busy quilt! :)

here is a closer look. i really need to take a photography class. :) but hopefully you get the idea. it love seeing quilts online and then putting your own spin on it. :) i learned from the best!!! :)

i just went with a solid hot pink back and LOVE that with the striped binding. i could have yards and yards and yards of that stripe!!! it's so very yummy!!!

here are the 15 - 36 patches that i worked on this week. these are so very busy i don't know if i can make them work in the quilt. i want to make a quilt for my sister-in-law so i might break some of them up. i would then make a quilt for her and for me i guess. i'll wait and see though. i might be able to make it work! :)

another fav of mine. the green has little pink ants on it. :) it's so cute!

last but not least i made a purse the other day. i just get a bee in my bonnet sometimes! it's a little purse but i really like it! :) it's fun to do a purse or a bag in the midst of quilting. :) hope you have a GREAT day!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

36 patch progress

i'm behind on this but i'll get there. these are the same block just set up differently. i felt like you couldn't see the fabrics that well in the lower pic so i took another one.

this has become my new fav!! :) so crisp. i still LOVE that denise schmidt fabric. i could wallpaper my house in it!! the green, pink or orange. yum!! :)

i made a couple of pillow covers. we only have wood floors at the new house and it's a killer to sit on to long!! hard to get up the older you get. :) hope you are having a nice day!