Friday, December 30, 2011


i just want to say up front i thought it might be fun to change the look of my blog and i'm not sure about it. but it takes time to correct it and i don't love trying to figure stuff like that until i do i guess i'm stuck with this look! :) on another not here is the progress on my hexigon quilt. i'm LOVING it. i really like the hand sewing too. (never thought i would!)

this is my sweet siter in the apron my mom made us for christmas!!! i picked out the fabric. i LOVE the apron!! i got one to but i picked out a brown floral (orange and yellow flowers) a print by alexander henry. i think. you know me and details??? ;)

i just thought this picture of my hubbie was WAY to cute!!!! that sparkle in his eyes should let you know what i deal with!:):):)

my boys who are just getting toooooo old and big!!! we had a GREAT christmas and a very NICE break!!! boys are so much fun!!

and a picture of my helper:) i swear she knows when i don't want her around!!! :);)

and lastly my gift to my friend caroline. she's a teacher at the school that i work at and it was fun to sneak it in and she didn't know it was from me!!! she thought it was my friend rita and rita had to say "who else quilts in this school?" "OH HEATHER" i love when people don't know its me until the tag or something like that!!!!

this was the back. that beautiful blue by jennifer paganelli. WOW you got a detail!:) and a kona grey.

i really like the chain link look. this pattern is called cracker box. it worked with gray. i'm glad i tried it!! hope you have a FABULOUS new year!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

yummy new project!

with traveling basketball starting i needed to have a portable quilt. i've always wanted to try my hand at hexigons and so here we go!!!! these are about 4" in size and i've decided to make a border with 5" and 6" hexigons to finish it off. i can't wait to see how this turns out. i can't wait to see how my hand sewing goes. :) this will be a fun project for those long saturdays in the gym. i will show my progress as we go. hope you have a great sunday!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

out of my comfort zone

i usually use white as my color break but with it being winter i thought i should try something else. and i like the results of gray instead of white. it's nice to come out of that comfort zone once in awhile. :) amanda turned me on to this FABULOUS gray from connecting threads. unfortunately it was clearanced out. BUT they really have some GREAT colors and the fabric is SUPER nice! latte is my FAVORITE brown color. you should check them out. this pattern is called cracker box. i've also done a smaller version of this which is called baby crackers. i'm sorry i forget the details so often. :) i'm just so excited about the quilt colors. :) i think i might do a border on this so when the top is together i'll post! hope you have a GREAT, FABULOUS, INSPIRING day!!!