Friday, December 31, 2010

last one in 2010

i just wanted to post my last quilt of this year. wow!! that sounds so strange! i can't believe tomorrow is 2011. can't wait to see what the year brings! :) i enjoyed the back on this one. the front is all scraps and the back i mostly had. i am really trying to use what i have. although i have bought here and there. i bought the blue dots at joanns on sale this last week. thought they were cute. have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

i did it!!!

i finally finished my very first quilt!!! i am sooooo very happy. i started it in 2007. it is my 94th quilt. i called it the pretty quilt and i guess i still think that it is. i love the squared in look on the back of the quilt. that's what took me so long in the beginning. when i started working on this quilt friday i guess i didn't know what the big deal was. i guess some experience under your belt with king and queen size quilts and this seemed like a baby quilt.:)
i couldn't get my picture to rotate so this in the back and the bigger chunk of pink is the top. it finished at 48x64. that is a baby size to me. but it's cute!:) i just had to share that i finally finished my first quilt!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


i'm so happy for christmas break. i'm hanging out with the boys and relaxing. part of relaxting is quilting. this is my new favorite quilt and my favorite square.:) i wish i new the fabric line.
have a fantastic day!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I think that my blogging days are probably coming to an end. When I look at the last six months or so my entries are long or sometimes short and boring. I just thought I'd show the congrats quilts that I made for a few work ladies and then my finished sewing room and a quilt I'm working on now.

This quilt is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I saw the pattern in a magazine and just guessed on the sizes. I'm really loving the on angle thing. I'm going to scale it down for a quilt for the family. This quilt ended up being 87x87. Not typical for the size I give away but this lady took a big leap with her new position so she deserved it!:) I used her coat colors as my inspiration. It's hard to make quilts for people when you don't know what their house looks like so I go on other things. She has a pretty pink coat and then she had a yellow coat and a brown coat. And all those colors come through in this quilt.
Does this quilt look familiar? I made a double to my quilt bee quilt. Every time I looked at this quilt I thought of Natalie the lady I gave a double to. I LOVE my quilt and I think she liked hers too. These colors just reminded me of her.Next the new baskets that have organized me and I think are soooooo very cute!!! Have you heard of thirty-one bags. This is part of that. I have the color on each bin for the color of scraps and then the color is written in that color of thread. I just LOVE it. Can you see the word pink on the top bin???:)So not my area looks like this and I could sit in this room all day. (if i had the time) :(I got a bee in my bonnet last Thursday to make another 9 patch but mix it up just a bit. I only used pink, orange, green and blue colors and then the 9 patches are opposite every other one. I don't think you will be able to tell until I finish it. I did 20 9 patches on Friday, 30 on Saturday, and cut out 20 on Sunday and then sewed those 20 together yesterday. So let than a week and I have 70 9 patches. I had fun but I wouldn't recommend it. By yesterday my eyes were a bit buggy!:) Sometimes I just get something in my head though and I just HAVE to do it. I pray you all have a FABULOUS CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!