Wednesday, August 19, 2009

breaks are good

i'm not working on a lot but i am still working a little. i just can't seem to get back into the sewing thing. this is a pillow sham that i finished for a friend. finally. actually there is another one i just didn't picture it. i helped her make a quilt and now i'm doing the shams.
this is the newest quilt i've started. i have a neice who liked this quilt and i said i would love to make it for her. her room is in pinks and greens!!!! i am really going to LOVE this quilt. i don't know how easily i'll be able to give it up!:) what are you up to????

Monday, August 17, 2009


this is my block. no turning back. i put the red circle in the corner and i'm going to see if my mom has a serger and i could serger it real quick. i just wanted to give the idea of what i was doing. this block is crazy!!!! i don't do circles yet so this has been a WAY bigger stretch than i wanted but it's done!:) i'm cracking up though that this is what i came up with and it took me ALL month. usually i finish these in a few days. NOT this time.:) stretching is good i know this - i just don't love it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


do you ever make something else in order to avoid something else???? well, i am. the block i'm working on for a bee i'm in has got me ready to pull my hair out!!! i wanted to do it before our vacation but couldn't figure it out and now that i'm home and the month is almost out i'm really trying and not coming up with anything!!!
so i decided to make this bag.:) i'm happy with it. it's plain and simple and i plan on using it to tote things around in. meetings etc. not like i have that many but i am on pto this year and so i will have some.:) gotta have a cute bag for that.:) hope you have a GREAT day!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

vacation fun

we got to play with a raccoon today!!! he is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!
i finally was brave enough to pick him up and if you blow on him he gives kisses.

this might be our next christmas card. the boys had SOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!! the raccoon is very good with the boys.

he almost seems like he would be a stuffed animal. this is my brother-in-law. my husband's brother. my hubby would NEVER be this close to a raccoon!! rocky is VERY sweet!!!:) hope you have a great day!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

i had fun:):)

here are some of my buys today at the fabric shack. i found this on the 1/2 off rack. it looked like this top picture all wrapped but this is what was in it!!
i got a layer cake a pattern and then yardage in fabric!!!! it was only 32$. you can't beat that!!!!!
this is more sale rack stuff. they have a rack that is 2.98 a yard and you have to buy the whole piece. the two left ones were a yard and then a little over a have yard. the right side ones were not even 1/4 yards. that's fine though because you get a pinch of fabric to throw in with other things.
this is the only yardage i bought that wasn't on sale. i LOVED it. it's a lime green but because i'm not a photographer you can't tell. and then the esspresso brown under will be the inside or handle or both.
some delicious fat quarters!!
fat quarters that i thought would got together for a quilt. LOVED it!!
LOVED this one too! it's a fat quarter and i can't seem to cut it so i'm going to make a pillow out of it. i LOVED the map. they didn't have anymore yardage otherwise i would have bought A LOT!
the red will be the back.
last but not least at a different quilt shop i found this postage fabric. i bought two fat quarters. i can't wait to work with them!!! just wanted to share some of my fun today. :) hope you have a splendid day!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

getting things done

i finished this one in the car on sunday but i've finally washed them and they are completely ready to go.
i really like the back of this one! i might save this for a far away day of when i have grandkids. that's how much i LOVE this one. we'll see. :)
fun ruler binding.

i debated about showing the quilts again because it seems like i show them when they are in progress and then together and then done. seems like too much sumtimes.
these are ready for the new homes.
the back was a polka dot that i got from mill end about a year ago. man it feels so good to use things.
i think it's fun to have a picture of a stack of quilts.
the last fun thing was that extreme home makeover was working on a house about 5 minutes from my in-laws and we went to see it. it was amazing to see all the work that was going on and all the people working there and helping out. i love that show and can't wait to see it! it really is unbelievable HOW many people work to help someone out.
hope you have a FANTASTIC day! tomorrow fabric shack!!!!:):)

Monday, August 3, 2009

i'm still laughing :):):):):):)

my mother-in-law and i were talking about things this morning and she was saying how the bag i made for her to store her king size quilt in was maybe big enough for a couple pillows. when she pulled the bag out i started laughing SO VERY HARD!!!!!! the bag is HUGE!!!! Has anyone seen the fiber one commercial were the lady wears everything big to look smaller????? that's what this bag is like!!!!!
this bag fits her king size quilt the shams and pillows i made her. plus there might be more room. :) my husband said that was in my rookie period!:) i remember it being a bigger bag but not THAT big!!!! it makes me smile or laught everytime i think about it.