Wednesday, August 18, 2010

garage sale?????

my sister went to a garage sale and i couldn't believe her finds. you could buy fabric by the pound.
not just cheap fabric but- moda, amy butler and other kinds. i got yardage of amy butlers charm line. it's very pretty. what was fun is my sister picked it out. so it's fun to work with stuff someone else picks out.
this is a bunch of scraps she got for free!! i had a LOT of fun sorting them. plus my sister called to tell me that my name was chosen in the drawing to win the extra fabric that didn't sell. i'm going to be getting what they thought would be 45 yards of fabric. can you believe it???? i will show it to you when i get it. the house is coming along nicely and we are off again for a relaxing few days!!!!! i'm done with my painting now so i feel like i will be able to soak up the sun and enjoy family!!:) hope you are having a FANTASIC day!!!