Thursday, September 2, 2010


it's been awhile again so i feel like i need to say hi!:)
this is my free fabric from the garage sale. minus the greens i thought i just might make a valentines quilt this year
look at all of this fabric!!!! the front stack is flat folds which for me is two yards or more. i think there are probably 9 of those! and the stack in the back are a bunch of fun too! not all of it is my taste but some will stretch me and some will be the backs of bags or inside of things not seen because i don't dislike anyone that much!;) that just means that some of it is really ugly! but not much! it was very fun to go though!

my nephew picked this out at the garage sale and asked if he could have a quilt and a pillow. i thought his color choice was GREAT and very fun. i told him nice job!! he is a honey!

lastly my younger son likes DUKE so i made him a duke quilt. i put the D in the middle (hopefully you can tell) and then just did random around it and boardered it in. he LOVES is which is so much fun. i guess i will have to take pictures of my older sons quilt. i have been busy with the house that i forgot to photograph two quilts. and one i've already given away. oops. oh well. we should be moving in in another couple weeks!!! it will feel good to feel settled again!! hope you have a great day!!