Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ava's quilt

i'm feeling all giddy because my friend tara took pictures of my new baby quilt and i LOVE them. how sweet is this quilt on this yellow bench???
this quilt is for my sisters friend who just had a baby. little ava grace. mom is a red gal so i found those owls at the local quilt shop and put the red with them and them some! :)
i just love these pictures of a kids quilt at a school. tara is FABULOUS!!!! :)
this is the back of the quilt. i have wanted to try this kind of a back for a long time and it is really perfect for a baby quilt. this way you don't have to have seams in the back. this quilt finishes at 39" x 51". i'm pretty proud of myself for keeping it small. it was a super fun pattern and i could have just kept going. :)small. this was a super fun pattern and i could have kept going. :) i love the colors of the quilt popping off the slide!! hope you are having a GREAT week!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

my new thing

since i really don't need another quilt - i'm going to have more pillow covers than i probably know what to do with. :) but that works because with two boys and a dog one of my three covers is usually in need of a wash!! the back is a slip cover. very handy for changing. i think i want to have a set for each season. that's only twelve. not a problem right? this way i can try some of those quilts i might want to make but in a way scaled down version.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

feels good to try something new!!

i bought this fabric back in sept. maybe and sewed the border on right away knowing that i wanted to scallop the edges but was scared to death to try. amanda linked to a GREAT tutorial and ta-da i did it!!!! it was WAY easier than i thought. (i did buy the scallop template that they recommend) :) it was the best 13$ i ever spent!!! :) there's a chart that does the math for you when you buy it. saved me TONS of time! :):)
it was my first time on bias binding also and wasn't as bad as i thought. sometimes you make things worse in your head than they really are. :) i work it up to be so hard and then i actually tackle it and it's not so bad. so heres to stepping out!!! hope you have a great week! i wish that i had about a bolt of this floral fabric. i can't remember who it is. anyone know????