Monday, March 11, 2013

more scrap fun!

another way to use my salvege!!! :)  wanted to make a springy wreath with yarn and my friend and work said "how fun would that be with some of your fabric?"  i thought DUH how could i not think of that!! :)  didn't take me that long to make and i LOVE the results. :)  on a gloomy day this will cheer you right up! :)  hope you have a FABULOUS week!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Can you tell....

 i MUST be thinking spring.  i've been making these very BRIGHT quilts. :)  I haven't been able to figure out how to get pictures on the new blogger and because of these quilts i wanted to figure it out!!  and i had an upload button again so here we are.  this star quilt is the start of my scrap frenzy.  it's all scraps!!  i started this quilt probably 3 years ago.  it was going in a different direction and then i had the idea to use my scraps and i love that only two maybe three of my stars did i double because i didn't want to waste some of the stars i started with. 

this quilt is the one amandajean gave a class on in town here and this is my spin on it.  i have always wanted to try a ticker tape quilt BUT if you know me at all my motto is go big or go home. :)  not a good motto with ticker tape!! :)  so i decided to put them together and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.  this really is my new favorite quilt.  it was so fun playing around with the scraps to see how i wanted the blocks.  scrap theropy as amanda calls it!!! :)  so true!

 here are a couple of the blocks up close.  the top one i made a quilt like that one time.  it was fun to do that again.  the bottom one is what i would think of as true ticker tape.
 i also like the log cabin look for ticker tape.  i would call it raw edged.
 this is the back.  i did use some flannel on the back.  flannel is my new favorite to work with.  plus it is so nice and warm and soft to the touch.  my boys LOVE it! :)

 my sons third grade teacher is having some health issues to i'm working on this for her.  i saw this on someones blog and fell in love with it.  it's a 36 patch but when its held like this it has the affects of my string quilt.  the kaleidoscope affect.  SO fun.
wow it was nice to get some of this out here again.  i've missed blog land. :)  i don't know how to correct the blue writing so i just want you to know that therapy is spelled wrong. :);)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

i haven't gone anywhere :)

 hello again! :)  it's been awhile but i thought i'd show a few of the things i've been up to!  i took amanda's class on how to make this quilt.  LOVE IT!!  my boys pre-school teacher retired so i made it for her.
 some of the ladies at the class were SO impressive with the fact that they were all about trying things.  i realized i needed to be more bold.  so i don't know if you can tell but the top pic is circles so that it looks like pebbles. this is my very FAV!!!  the bottom pic it flowers in different colors.  i need to still work on it but i really like this one also. :)
 baby quilt for someone at work.
 the back:)
 t-shirt quilt for a graduating senior.
 my sister wanted a new quilt so here are some of this pics.  hope you can see it because i really LOVE it!!!!
 there is a yellow side and green side with brown stippling.  SO PRETTY!!!  she loves it!
 and a pic of the binding.  hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC summer.  we are it's just going WAY to fast!! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

proud of my friend!!!!

i am so very proud of rita!!!!  she made this quilt for a silent auction they are having at school this weekend and it turned out SO cute!!  her kiddos are in the picture because they all made squares for the quilt!  and in the film strip quilt.  she is doing such an awesome job!  i'm just so proud of her!!!  just wanted to share this very sweet quilt with you!  it is so bright and cheery.  if my kids artwork was in this quilt i would TOTALLY want it!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

to much to do to little time :)

here is my newest project. a t-shirt quilt. not my most favorite but it is usually the person i'm making it for. :) and that's what it's all about. seeing i'm getting paid for this one i hope they LOVE it!!
we have a young gal at work ready to have a baby and so i wanted to try a pattern from one of my quilt books and i'm happy how it turned out. this pattern is called cubic rhythm from my easy quilt project book. really LOVE that book!!
and last weekend i finally started this quilt that amanda did that quilt a long for. it will be all solids. i've always wanted to try an all solids quilt. so here i go!i wish i had better lighting so you could see just how bright and fun this block really is. i'm going to try a whirlygiggle quilt that's print on print. that's VERY hard for me because i LOVE how white makes things POP! :) but this square is a good start for me. i REALLY LOVE it:) hope you are having a good week. be blessed my friends;)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

scrap therapy

going through my little scrap bin is very therapeutic. plus look at the treasure i found :) it ended up in the wrong bin. a bigger scrap. this scrap bin should have pieces no bigger that 2 1/2". can you tell i learned to quilt from amanda? i LOVE scraps. she has passed that on. :) i have found some pieces that weren't even usable either. i guess i just couldn't get rid of it at the time :)
i just finished this quilt top for a gal at work who is going to have a baby. it's a girl but i though the blue and green and some brown made for a fun twist so as not to be ALL pink. :) not everyone love pink i know. :) hope you have a blessed easter!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ava's quilt

i'm feeling all giddy because my friend tara took pictures of my new baby quilt and i LOVE them. how sweet is this quilt on this yellow bench???
this quilt is for my sisters friend who just had a baby. little ava grace. mom is a red gal so i found those owls at the local quilt shop and put the red with them and them some! :)
i just love these pictures of a kids quilt at a school. tara is FABULOUS!!!! :)
this is the back of the quilt. i have wanted to try this kind of a back for a long time and it is really perfect for a baby quilt. this way you don't have to have seams in the back. this quilt finishes at 39" x 51". i'm pretty proud of myself for keeping it small. it was a super fun pattern and i could have just kept going. :)small. this was a super fun pattern and i could have kept going. :) i love the colors of the quilt popping off the slide!! hope you are having a GREAT week!!!