Friday, December 31, 2010

last one in 2010

i just wanted to post my last quilt of this year. wow!! that sounds so strange! i can't believe tomorrow is 2011. can't wait to see what the year brings! :) i enjoyed the back on this one. the front is all scraps and the back i mostly had. i am really trying to use what i have. although i have bought here and there. i bought the blue dots at joanns on sale this last week. thought they were cute. have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

i did it!!!

i finally finished my very first quilt!!! i am sooooo very happy. i started it in 2007. it is my 94th quilt. i called it the pretty quilt and i guess i still think that it is. i love the squared in look on the back of the quilt. that's what took me so long in the beginning. when i started working on this quilt friday i guess i didn't know what the big deal was. i guess some experience under your belt with king and queen size quilts and this seemed like a baby quilt.:)
i couldn't get my picture to rotate so this in the back and the bigger chunk of pink is the top. it finished at 48x64. that is a baby size to me. but it's cute!:) i just had to share that i finally finished my first quilt!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


i'm so happy for christmas break. i'm hanging out with the boys and relaxing. part of relaxting is quilting. this is my new favorite quilt and my favorite square.:) i wish i new the fabric line.
have a fantastic day!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I think that my blogging days are probably coming to an end. When I look at the last six months or so my entries are long or sometimes short and boring. I just thought I'd show the congrats quilts that I made for a few work ladies and then my finished sewing room and a quilt I'm working on now.

This quilt is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I saw the pattern in a magazine and just guessed on the sizes. I'm really loving the on angle thing. I'm going to scale it down for a quilt for the family. This quilt ended up being 87x87. Not typical for the size I give away but this lady took a big leap with her new position so she deserved it!:) I used her coat colors as my inspiration. It's hard to make quilts for people when you don't know what their house looks like so I go on other things. She has a pretty pink coat and then she had a yellow coat and a brown coat. And all those colors come through in this quilt.
Does this quilt look familiar? I made a double to my quilt bee quilt. Every time I looked at this quilt I thought of Natalie the lady I gave a double to. I LOVE my quilt and I think she liked hers too. These colors just reminded me of her.Next the new baskets that have organized me and I think are soooooo very cute!!! Have you heard of thirty-one bags. This is part of that. I have the color on each bin for the color of scraps and then the color is written in that color of thread. I just LOVE it. Can you see the word pink on the top bin???:)So not my area looks like this and I could sit in this room all day. (if i had the time) :(I got a bee in my bonnet last Thursday to make another 9 patch but mix it up just a bit. I only used pink, orange, green and blue colors and then the 9 patches are opposite every other one. I don't think you will be able to tell until I finish it. I did 20 9 patches on Friday, 30 on Saturday, and cut out 20 on Sunday and then sewed those 20 together yesterday. So let than a week and I have 70 9 patches. I had fun but I wouldn't recommend it. By yesterday my eyes were a bit buggy!:) Sometimes I just get something in my head though and I just HAVE to do it. I pray you all have a FABULOUS CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

sewing room update

My sister and brother-in-law are all about using what you already have in your house that you think might be worthless or you don't have vision for, and I'm glad they are! We were in the sewing room trying to figure were things should go when my sister said "Chip go see what they already have" He went out to the garage and said "Paint the cubby hole piece" That piece came out of the room and was just the orange stained wood (not my fav at all) but once painted I it I LOVE it. He is also the one to say "Paint it and then display you fabric" I just love when people have vision and can see things. Now I only have one more update to this room. I have cute monogramed bins for my fabric sscraps coming. Super Cute!! I'm almost finished with the congrats quilt and then I only have to try and squeeze about 4-5 more out before the end of the year. :):) I guess I'll see about that! Have a great week!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

congrats quilt

these are two block that i'm going to use for a congrats quit for someone. one was an orphan block from my quilt bee and one i made today. i got caught up on my bee blocks (phew!!!) and was able to make one for this quilt. it is 16.5" and i will border it with white. i LOVE that look! this is twice in one week i think that i've posted!! stand back i'm going crazy:) hope you are having a great weekend. i was able to relax this weekend. VERY nice!!!:)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

before and after

here are a few before and after pictures. this is my kitchen before anything happened.

this is my kitchen now!!! i LOVE it. i have a dishwasher!!! it's open and being used as you can see!

these are my new concrete countertops. they are beautiful!:) these are some barstools that i found on the side of the road and i thought that they'd be good in our new house.
and here is what they look like now. a little fabric and some spray paint go a long way! one of these days i'm going to be able to get back to some quilting. hope you are doing well!!!!:)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


it's been awhile again so i feel like i need to say hi!:)
this is my free fabric from the garage sale. minus the greens i thought i just might make a valentines quilt this year
look at all of this fabric!!!! the front stack is flat folds which for me is two yards or more. i think there are probably 9 of those! and the stack in the back are a bunch of fun too! not all of it is my taste but some will stretch me and some will be the backs of bags or inside of things not seen because i don't dislike anyone that much!;) that just means that some of it is really ugly! but not much! it was very fun to go though!

my nephew picked this out at the garage sale and asked if he could have a quilt and a pillow. i thought his color choice was GREAT and very fun. i told him nice job!! he is a honey!

lastly my younger son likes DUKE so i made him a duke quilt. i put the D in the middle (hopefully you can tell) and then just did random around it and boardered it in. he LOVES is which is so much fun. i guess i will have to take pictures of my older sons quilt. i have been busy with the house that i forgot to photograph two quilts. and one i've already given away. oops. oh well. we should be moving in in another couple weeks!!! it will feel good to feel settled again!! hope you have a great day!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

garage sale?????

my sister went to a garage sale and i couldn't believe her finds. you could buy fabric by the pound.
not just cheap fabric but- moda, amy butler and other kinds. i got yardage of amy butlers charm line. it's very pretty. what was fun is my sister picked it out. so it's fun to work with stuff someone else picks out.
this is a bunch of scraps she got for free!! i had a LOT of fun sorting them. plus my sister called to tell me that my name was chosen in the drawing to win the extra fabric that didn't sell. i'm going to be getting what they thought would be 45 yards of fabric. can you believe it???? i will show it to you when i get it. the house is coming along nicely and we are off again for a relaxing few days!!!!! i'm done with my painting now so i feel like i will be able to soak up the sun and enjoy family!!:) hope you are having a FANTASIC day!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

oliver's quilt

i just finished my other nephews quilt. i quite like it!!! i had stamp fabric that was the reason for this quilt.
the backing i used was something my mom gave me that my sister like so that worked out nicely. it's a black and blue ticking.

just used a solid blue for the binding and washed it up and will give it to him this week.

i don't know if you can tell the color of this wall but this is going to be my sewing room in my new house. it's called rainwater. (martha stewart) i LOVE it!!!!!! very soothing. our house is coming along nicely. all the painting that i can do for now is done!! it feels GOOD!!! we leave for ohio on friday and i CAN'T WAIT!!!! fabric shack here i come!!! i won't have to think about the house for two weeks!!! :) i just finished my second quilt to bind in the car. a queen size and twin size. one is my son's and one is a wedding gift for when i get back. lots going on!! it's all good. hope you are doing well!!:)

Friday, July 2, 2010

off and running

june started with a bang!! we are getting a house ready to move into. this is major work. the house needs LOTS of tlc!!!! so in this post there are pictures of my torn up house and quilts. :) i finished 5 this month but don't have all of them shown. in between painting ceilings, getting walls ready to paint and then painting and then mudding other walls and prepping them i did enjoy some quilting. that's only the stuff i can do too! these pictures show you only what is being torn down/apart and then put back together again. :) when things start to get more done i'll show a few more updates. it's been awhile so i hope everyone is enjoying their summer and all is well. new quilting room. i got two more feet added to it so it's going to be a little bigger.
my nephew quinn's quilt.
tearing out walls in the bathroom.
some of the great color schemes in this house.:)

fireplace that is torn out because it was fake. a set of logs with a light under it. :)
christmas tree wall hanging. i made a quilt to match just haven't photographed it yet.
graduation quilt
mother-in-laws queen sized finished.
project i just started and now it's at a stand still.

different view. if you lasted though this big loooooooooooonnnnngggg post - have a GREAT day!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

trying this again

i wrote up a blog on this quilt top over the weekend and then posted it and then hit the view button (as always) to make sure all was well and i posted it on one of my quilting bee blogs. :( tried to post back on this blog and it wouldn't let me get my pictures. UGGG!!!
this is for my mother-in-law. i just finished quilting it today and will start the binding tonight. i only have to work thurday and then my in-laws come in. i'm ready for some fun!!!! linda(mother-in-law) and i will shop till we drop. we have a BLAST!!! my husband and father-in-law will golf till they drop. i'm so ready for school to be out!! i am VERY thankful for all the work i had this year though.:)
hopefully i will be able to show some more of my projects now. i see how hard it is for working moms and dad's to blog now. :) have a FANTASTIC day!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

it's done!!!!:)

my very first quilt along quilt!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! hopefully you can see it! they are wonky log cabin blocks. everyone did such a great job!!! loved everyones style! it is so much fun to have other peoples styles in your quilt!
i LOVE this binding and backing. joanns if you can believe it! i got the last of the green and enough of the stripe to use again.:) lastly these are a sister-in-laws b-day curtains. hope she like them. i already made spring/summer curtains so i thought i would make fall/winter for her b-day. hope everyone is doing well!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


i was wondering if i were to get a quilting retreat together with amandajean aka crazymomquilts as the speaker would anyone be interested???? i was thinking in the fall or next spring. give me your feed back and i will go from there. enjoy your day!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

proud of my mamma!! :)

my mom maid her first king size quilt!!!!! i'm sooooooooooooooooo VERY proud of her!!!!!!! it looks FANTASTIC!!! she and my dad were in az visiting family so i stippled it up for her and i get to give it to her tomorrow which happens to be her birthday!!!
these are the shams i made. i love the raw stitching look. hope she does.

this is the back and she came up with it!!!!! once again sooooooooooooooo VERY proud!!!!! my mom used to take us to joanns or fabric shops. oh how i used to hate it!! now we enjoy ourselves at fabric shops together!!!
this is just the print on the back a bit closer. i liked it! happy b-day mom!!! i love you!!!!:):)
hope you have a GREAT day!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

and the winners are...

for bag A the winner is Sinta Renee

for bag B the winner is hollyk

for bag C the winner is Mary on Lake Pulaski

if you could email me your addresses i will get them in the mail to you ladies!! thanks for participating!! hope everyone has a FANTASTIC day!!!!:)

Friday, April 16, 2010

giveaway times 3!!

not sure why these won't turn for me so you will have a sideway glance on two of them. they are turned in my picture part before i download/upload them and then when they are done they are sideways. oh well....

here is how the giveaway will go. you will have a chance to win one of these purses/bags if you want. you have three chances to win but you only get to win once. does that make sense? the polka dot bag is bag a

this is bag b

and this is bag c. if you like all three let me know in your comment and i will put your name in a bowl with others for that bag. if you only like one or two of them let me know by the letter of the bag and i will then only put your name in the bowl for that purse/bag. if you want to let more people in on this giveaway blog about it and i will put your name in again. but if you want fewer people to know (for a better chance to win) that's fine also. :):) i will pick a winner on wednesday.
i haven't done a giveaway in awhile and you guys are just GREAT!!!! hope you have a FANTASTIC day!!! :)