Tuesday, June 30, 2009

bee block

This is what I came up with for this months bee block. Very basic but I really like it. This fabric is bold and I thought it needed to be big chuncks not broken up a bunch. But I love bigger and bolder. Hopefully this isn't to plain for the person receiving it!:) I'm to nervous to do a bee.:) Hope you have a great day!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm trying to finish up my last few wips. I just ICHING to start a NEW quilt though. But I'm doing my best to finish up these las few wips. This stacked coin is for the end of my bed. I wanted it finished up about 2 or so months ago but oh well.:) The quilt top is done and now I'm just trying to figure out the back without buying any fabric. I haven't had a big fabric shopping spree since the beginning of april. I just split some fabric with amanda but other than that I haven't really bought anything.
This is that rectangle bento-ish box that I started awhile back. I'm having fun with this one. I really love the fresh springy colors.:)

This is still a pile of wee play that I have. I need to get going on another quilt!

These are the newest fabrics for the quilting bee that I'm in. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! I can't wait to make the block. Hope you have a great weekend!:)

Friday, June 26, 2009

and the winners are...

I just want to thank EVERYONE for participating in the giveaway!! I don't really ever seem to win any but I love to have them so maybe one day I will win one!:)
Anywho - the two winners are craftygirlsworkshop and cynthia. I thought it was kind of amazing that they won because both of them blogged about it and they had people come over and say that they were sent from them. Those extra entries really did work!:) Hope you have a great night!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i heart giveaways.

I'm having a giveaway because I'm very excited!!! I sold my first quilt. My oh cherry oh one!! So I thought that I needed to have a giveaway for that special event!:) This is a frenchy bag with Amy Butler's Daisy Chain line. In the blues. It's a dreary day here and so my lighting is less than perfect.
I also said that I wanted to have a giveaway when I got to 100 followers. I'm not there yet but I'm hoping that with this giveaway I might get there. So this will be on the back burner so to speak. If I get to 100 with this giveaway I will pick two winners.
This is going to be a little different rule wise as my others. I have never tried this before but if you would like more opportunities to win you will have them. How to get into the giveaway
1. leave me a comment that you would like to be entered
2. if you want more opportunities to win you could blog about this giveaway and then let me know
3. if you don't follow me and decide to, let me know.
4. if someone tells me that they came to my blog from your post that will give you an extra entry.
I'm going to try this and see how it goes. I will leave this open until Friday night. I will probably post the winner Friday night/Saturday morning. If it's not posted you still have time to enter. As always thanks so much for stopping by. I love hearing from you!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

9 patch quilt top

i got the 9 patch quilt top together and i really, really like it!!! for those of you still working on it keep up the good work. this is one of my favorites. i have a lot of them but i'm not sure i've shown this one.
i LOVE how bright and cheery this quilt is. i wasn't sure if i would keep it or sell it and i'm DEFINATELY keeping this one!!:)

my little ruby got groomed and she looks soooooooooooo cute to me. like a completely different dog!! she is no longer scruffy!:) my groomer is really good and it took me two weeks to get into her.
she is a little honey! well, at least right there she is. we should have named her sassy!!!! because she is sassy ALL THE WAY!!! hope you have a great day!

Monday, June 22, 2009

weekend goodness

I have finally finished my wee play outside/picnic quilt! It is photographed the wrong way. oops:) I took the picture of the quilt on its side. I knew we had a busy weekend (like everybody):) so I made sure that I had a few quilts to bind in the car. This one was big but I was able to manage it in the car. This quilt measure 79 1/2 x 92. It will work on my queen size for the winter if I want it to.:)
This is the flying geese bom that I decieded to just call it finished. I really like how it turned out. It measures 31 1/2 x 36. That's doll size for me:);) The back is a fun stripe that is going horizontal. The back is folded up so you might not be able to tell. I couldn't get in between the pictures so I'm explaining at the last picture.
If you ever order from sulu-designs (she is SO FABULOUS) this is how you get your goodness!! I would keep ordering from her because I love how she wraps it and you get to open a gift. For yourself none the less!!:)
These are the two pair of earring that I had to have. Let's get real - WANTED!!! The one on the right is going to my sister for her birthday. (i think)
Lastly, I know we just got our warm weather but my mom's work is doing some switching up and these are two of my favorite items that I got. I LOVE LOVE LOVE snowmen!!!!!! This is a cider holder!!
This is just a cute snowman tree. I just loved him!!! He makes me smile.:) Hope you have a great day!! I'm going to have a giveaway this week!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i wanna dance, shout, sing!!!!!

I AM FINISHED!!!!!!! All 70 are done and I FEEL GREAT!!!! Keep up the good work everyone. I just happened to get in the groove and really, really, really wanted to get these done. I can't wait to start putting the top together.
We had a family fun day at a Twins baseball game. We were on the third baseline and very close to see the relief pitcher. That's what the next picture is. Just showing how close we were. I'm not a huge sports person so not really that impressed but my boys had fun!! All three of them!(hubby is number three):)

The game started at 12:10 and was done by 2:17!!! It was a fantasticly short game!! Don't think that's a real word but it definately was FANTASTIC!!!! Hope you have a great day!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

summer break

It's summer break and we are just taking it easy. Getting things done here and there. Ruby is relaxing too!! My son said he just had to take this picture!:)
I was at Target today and found these note cards in the 1$ section!! I just LOVED them. They are sooooo cute!!! I can't wait to use them.

And I am trying to get caught up on the flying geese bom. I think I just finished Aprils. We'll see how big a quilt all the squares that I have already will make and maybe call it done. Who knows?
Lastly, I'm still playing catch up on the 9 patches too. Well, at least I have 52. To be honest I might be caught up. I don't have a clue what week we are on. I'm just trying to do them because I think these quilts will be so fabulous finished. I can't wait to see everyones!!! Hope you have a great day.

Monday, June 15, 2009

string quilt progress!!

I now have 25 blocks for my string quilt done now!! I only need a total of 80. Just a few more to go!:) I am LOVING it!! I love looking at all the fabric I've used. I think it will be even better when sewn together!!! I can't wait to get to that. Hope you have a great day! Oh yes, and Carrie if you are out there I would love to talk to you about the oh cherry oh quilt. If you want to email me I would love to chat!:)

Friday, June 12, 2009

garage sale weekend

I thought I'd be back blogging sooner and forgot about my garage sale. It's going on right now and a little slow today but that's okay.
On Tuesday and Wednesday I did garage sale tagging and stippling on this quilt so that I had binding to do during the garage sale. I finished the binding this morning and then washed it and then took pictures!!!
I really love the backing!!! It's a twin size. I don't have a girl and I like a bigger quilt for a lap size.:) My husband doesn't know what to do with me making all these quilts.:) They do keep you warm on a cold day though.:)
I used a blueish striped fabric for the binding. I really love how it turned out!! So even though I am having a garage sale I'm still managing to get some quilting in!!:) Hope you have a great weekend.

Monday, June 8, 2009

i'm back and the winner is....

The winner is Shawn. Thank you so much everyone for participating in the giveaway. As soon as I get to 100 followers I'm going to give away one of the frenchy bags. If you want the giveaway sooner you could become a follower!:) I had a FABULOUS trip. Although, I came back to very chilly weather. WE HAVE THE HEAT ON!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! It's June 8th for Pete's sake. Hope you have a great day!!! I'll hopefully post something tomorrow!:)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

just some stuff and a giveaway

I said I would do a giveaway after finishing my graduation quilts. So here are two fat quarters and a half yard of wee play fabric by moda. I'm going to be out of town until Monday so leave a comment if you would like to participate and I will post the winner Monday sometime.
I'm all caught up on my 9 patches. I have 42 now. So I might be 2 ahead!!

This is a block for a snip, sew & send quilt thing. Where I make a block for someone and so do 11 other people is it a virtual quilting something or other? Anyway this is my block. I'm SCARED TO DEATH about this block. She wanted wonky and to me this is wonky. TO WONKY FOR ME!!! I'm afraid she will have to through it out and make a new one. This is one reason I said I'd never do one of these but it is a REALLY great challenge!! She wanted it to be like the hop, skip and jump pattern. I like her idea though of 6 1/2 x 12" blocks. Here layout is very fun!!

Last but not least I've made a few more of the Amy Butler Frenchy bags. I tried a longer handle on this one and adjusted the top part. This is the handbag version of that pattern.
This was for our PTO president. She did a fantastic job this year and I wanted to make her a little something. She liked it! So did her daughter!!:) She wanted to take it to school today!(she's in 3rd grade!) :):) Hope you have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

better late than never:)

Yesterday amandajean and I worked on these bags!! I just LOVE it!!! I know it's been out for awhile but that's okay!:) She was so wonderful and walked me through the purse first so I finished mine in time to go pick up the kiddos from school. We had soooo much fun. It's always so much more fun to create with a friend!!!!:) I hope you have a friend that you can create with! Have a GREAT day!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

it feels soooooo great!!!

I am so happy to be up to 37 which is right on track for this week. It feels good to have deadlines done and now I can keep up with some other things!!
Here are a couple of my favorites! I LOVE polka dots! Then put them with the pears and apples good stuff!:)

I really like the polka dots being the main instead of the side.:) Hope you have a great day!!!