Thursday, January 28, 2010

barn raising

i really am in LOVE with this quilt! it is my hubby's new favorite!! he loves the bold and bright like i do! :) i did a simple straight line quilting on this and LOVED it. it's nice to do something different every once in awhile. i sure do wish i was a better photographer.
i don't know it you can see the pattern (from quilting) on the back - it is sooooo fun!!

i tried to take a bigger picture of it but i don't think that you can see it. but the back is fun and it was a duvet that i bought at a second hand store for 6$. it was queen size and it has made two backs for me. the other one went on the oh cherry oh quilt.
i used some of my last bit of katie jump rope. i have just a bit left to go in a star quilt i started last year that i did carry over into this year. this quilt was supposed to be square but i didn't want a square quilt so i took two rows off from each side. to me it worked and i was happy!!! hope you have a great day!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

this and that...things i've been working on

this is ruby my sweetheart! she LOVES when i pin a quilt. she thinks she's a helper. :) i just loved this picture! this quilt is being straight lined quilted right now. i'm going to try something new this year. i probably won't show my quilts until they are done. we'll see but i think last year i showed so much of them before hand that by the time i finished it was like who cares!! FINALLY!! :)
this is a purse/bag for the last birthday in january. my sister-in-law julie. i hope she likes this. i wanted to keep it but that's how i know it's a good gift! :)

i liked the stripe fabric so i got a close up so you could see the handle. oh ah!
wednesday night at church a friend asked me if i had finished the baby quilt i was making for her. i thought "oh snap" i hadn't even started it. luckily it's baby size and i got it to the point of being pinned and starting to stipple it by thursday night.

i love the sweetness of this quilt. i don't know if you can see the little duckies but i just LOVE them!

plus, sweet little bunnies.

the back is yellow ginham and an amy butler binding. a nice little punch! i LOVE this quilt. i am such a BOLD and BUSY kind of quilt person that this soft and subtle quilt is nice for a change. hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend. i'm going to be working A LOT these next few weeks so i'll see what i can get done at night. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

mamma's pop beads

that is the name of this pattern. (even though i didn't follow it all the way) i LOVE this quilt. probably i LOVE the fabric i used in this quilt which makes me LOVE this quilt.
the backing is my pottery barn duvet that i knew i wouldn't use anymore. it's soft and WONDERFUL!!!! so very pretty to me!!

and how can you go wrong with flea market fancy fabric????? i LOVE that pink!!! i still have about a half a yard left and i think i will now start to savor it some. it's VERY hard for me to run out of the fabrics i LOVE.
as always thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. i LOVE hearing from you. you guys are tooooooo kind!! :) have a fantastic weekend. i started two more quilts i can't wait to share. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i'm not sure when i became...

such a pig!! but this last weekend i took care of that! :)
i will let the pictures just speak for themselves. i don't know how i worked!!! i forgot that there was carpet in certain places. it really feels good. hope these picutes won't make you stop coming around.

Monday, January 11, 2010

garage sale

here are the quilts, top & bottom
if you are interested in one of these please email me
the question was asked will this be first come first serve or highest bidder. it's first come first serve. if you are serious about a quilt then i will edit the post and put sold by the quilt that is being bought. thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy the garage sale! if you have any questions please email me.
if you want a sold sign put on a quilt I HAVE to be able to get ahold of you through email otherwise it will stay avaliable.
this is the tester quilt top that i did for amandajean. she wrote a pattern and i tested it for here to make sure all was well. i was in a red, white, and blue phase. this quilt top measures 60x75. with a boarder it could fit a twin bed. this is $25. SOLDthis is a baby blanket in the flying geese pattern. it measures 32x37.5. it is in pinks and greens. this is $45. SOLD this is the fresh squeezed i just finished. it's bright and bold and i love it but it does need a home to someone who likes bright and bold. it measures 40x50 3/4. this is $75.this is one of amandajeans quilt alongs. i do like this quilt but i keep making pink quilts with no girls. i like the traditional look with more modernish fabric. i realize that modernish is not a word. :) it measures 67.5 x 67.5 . this is $135.this red and yellow quilt measures 56 x 78.5. i put if over my sons twin and it fit. as long as you have a footboard. this is $150.this hourglass quilt was the first quilt my husband told me was beautiful. since then his new favorite is the string quilt. this quilt measures 53 x 64.5. this is $100.i wasn't sure if i would post this wildlife quilt but i'm going to. if you like wildlife or hunting this is a good (little) quilt. maybe for a kid or if you really love your hunting dog. :) not sure. this quilt measures 34 x 38.5. this is $25. SOLD last but not least. this was going to be the back to my first swell quilt. it you are looking for a back that's already put together here you go. it measures 73.5 x 87. this is $35. SOLD

i wanted to just give you the basics and not bother you a lot. please enjoy browsing through the garage sale. if you have any questions let me know. and thank you for the concern of my feelings. if no one want anything that's how garage sales work. :) you just have to put your stuff out and see what happens. :) have a GREAT day!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

and the winner is.....

Holly. Congrats!! I will get in touch with you for your address. I've been up to some cleaning today and getting my garage sale quilt pictures ready. Monday I should be ready for the post. I could be ready now but I'm going to wait. :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

pleasantly surprised and a giveaway

i can't believe that this quilt is FINALLY finished!!!! :) i am very excited about it. i'm pleasantly surprised because i stippled it and thought that it would really take away from the quilt and it didn't. this quilt is soooooo busy that the stippling just fades away and doesn't detract.
the back is a solid pink and of course the ever fabulous flea market fancy in pink. LOVE IT!!!

i made this purse/bag awhile back and wasn't sure what to do with it and thought maybe you guys would like a giveaway. if you are interested please leave me a comment and i would like you to answer a question. i've been thinking of having a "garage sale" with a few of my quilts. a few baby sizes and one lap size and a top. my question is would you even want to see then and hear the prices? i don't want to do the post is people aren't even interested. just because you are instersted in seeing then doesn't mean you want to buy them i'm just seeing if it's even worth the post. i will pick the winner on saturday. i don't love long giveaways.
last but not least this is a block for one of my bees. i'm only in two but they are starting to overlap and i'm starting to get confused.:) oh well. this was a log cabin and i LOVE those!:) have a GREAT day!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

bee in my bonnet

well on friday as everyone is making new years resolutins i decided to make one (of many). it was to be better about sending birthday cards to family member and maybe to mine and my husbands siblings a gift. so friday i looked at a list that i have for b-days and my sister-in-laws birthday is the 11th. she is VERY good to us and the boys and i remembered that i bought this fat quarter at fabric shack just for her this summer. she loves tea and still literally throws tea parties still. so friday i started figuring out block sizes ...
by saturday i had the top put together and on sunday i laid it out. monday i stippled and today i finished the binding. it's in the dryer as we speak. my goal was to get it in the mail by tomorrow. mission accomplished. it feels so good. when i put my mind to it i can work very fast. 5 days from start to finish is fun to say! :)

i just used parchement for the backing and a fun polka dot for the binding.
now to address a very sad for us but for her happy thing. i haven't been on like much and just found out the amandajean isn't going to blog anymore. it's so crazy because i was going to to a post about her to thank her for ALL that she does for us blogger. i just still might. i just want to say thank you to her because she did show me how to quilt and i LOVE it. she will be missed with all her inspiration but i'm glad she is doing something for herself!! be blessed in whatever you do my friend!!!
have a FANTASTIC day everyone and thanks for stopping by!