Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bobbie's gift

what i love about quilts when they are done is you don't need wrapping paper! it's its own pretty wrapping.
back and front views.

my friend bobbie is so sweet and i missed her birthday. i still don't know the date just that i missed it thanks to facebook. so i threw this together and hope she loves it. it finished at 50 1/2 x 71. i haven't made a brick quilt in so very long that is was fun and made me want to make a whole bunch because i LOVE how it turned out. i'm way into gray right now! :) do you every get stuck on a color???

Saturday, March 19, 2011

keeping with the madness

i cut this quilt out yesterday and put it together this morning. it's for a friend who is going to have their third baby. she was our babysitter for years and now she is having her own.
she asked me about the alphabet fabric - i haven't told her about it yet because i'm hoping to get it to her this week to show her she won't need any! :) this fabric is super sweet. i will pin it tomorrow (i'm off to the last basketball tournament!) then i will have 2 lap size quilts pinned and 1 baby quilt ready to stipple! spring break is over so i can just let a quilt sit in the machine waiting for a few minutes here and there when i get a chance. break was good!!!!:):):)

Friday, March 18, 2011

march madness

with the start of march madness (college basketball) this weekend i thought i would join in with the madness for quilting. yesterday i cut out this quilt and sewed it together. i finished the back this morning sewed it together and pinned it now it is ready for stippling. it's for a friend whose b-day i missed.
then i made these shams to match the queen quilt i just blogged about the other day.

i liked the back because once again it's what i had. one side is blue and one side is white. it's different and fun. at least i think so.
if you get into march madness enjoy!!! we have fun with our brackets at our house. i'm winning as of this point right now. :) it won't probably last much longer so i will have fun with it. :) have a great rest of the weekend!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

finishing is fun!

here is a quilt that i made for my sister-in-laws mom. hope she likes it. i LOVE the fact that it is all scraps from my bin.
i used binding that i've had for awhile. i did have to buy backing. i don't usually have 8 yards of fabric laying around. i wish i had huge chunks of fabric for projects like this but oh well.

lastly, thank you everyone for your comments on this quilt. i didn't use sashing and i LOVE it! i'm giving it to my sister-in-law on my hubbys side. the only one i haven't made one for yet. shame on me. i hope she like it. :) i really appreciate all your comments. thanks again for stopping by. oh one last thing I CAN SEE A LOT OF OUR GRASS!!!!! how about you? :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

oh the possibilites

it's spring break here and i'm dreaming quilts. :)
these are a few stacks of fabrics that i've had for awhile that i really want to use.
i've wanted to save them for that perfect quilt. :)

now i just need to figure out what styles they are. if you are on break i hope you are having a blast with your kiddos!!! the are precious and time goes all too quickly. i will have a 13 year old at the end of the month. he was just a baby!! so this time is precious, precious, precious. if you are not on break have a FABULOUS week!!!! :)