Friday, December 30, 2011


i just want to say up front i thought it might be fun to change the look of my blog and i'm not sure about it. but it takes time to correct it and i don't love trying to figure stuff like that until i do i guess i'm stuck with this look! :) on another not here is the progress on my hexigon quilt. i'm LOVING it. i really like the hand sewing too. (never thought i would!)

this is my sweet siter in the apron my mom made us for christmas!!! i picked out the fabric. i LOVE the apron!! i got one to but i picked out a brown floral (orange and yellow flowers) a print by alexander henry. i think. you know me and details??? ;)

i just thought this picture of my hubbie was WAY to cute!!!! that sparkle in his eyes should let you know what i deal with!:):):)

my boys who are just getting toooooo old and big!!! we had a GREAT christmas and a very NICE break!!! boys are so much fun!!

and a picture of my helper:) i swear she knows when i don't want her around!!! :);)

and lastly my gift to my friend caroline. she's a teacher at the school that i work at and it was fun to sneak it in and she didn't know it was from me!!! she thought it was my friend rita and rita had to say "who else quilts in this school?" "OH HEATHER" i love when people don't know its me until the tag or something like that!!!!

this was the back. that beautiful blue by jennifer paganelli. WOW you got a detail!:) and a kona grey.

i really like the chain link look. this pattern is called cracker box. it worked with gray. i'm glad i tried it!! hope you have a FABULOUS new year!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

yummy new project!

with traveling basketball starting i needed to have a portable quilt. i've always wanted to try my hand at hexigons and so here we go!!!! these are about 4" in size and i've decided to make a border with 5" and 6" hexigons to finish it off. i can't wait to see how this turns out. i can't wait to see how my hand sewing goes. :) this will be a fun project for those long saturdays in the gym. i will show my progress as we go. hope you have a great sunday!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

out of my comfort zone

i usually use white as my color break but with it being winter i thought i should try something else. and i like the results of gray instead of white. it's nice to come out of that comfort zone once in awhile. :) amanda turned me on to this FABULOUS gray from connecting threads. unfortunately it was clearanced out. BUT they really have some GREAT colors and the fabric is SUPER nice! latte is my FAVORITE brown color. you should check them out. this pattern is called cracker box. i've also done a smaller version of this which is called baby crackers. i'm sorry i forget the details so often. :) i'm just so excited about the quilt colors. :) i think i might do a border on this so when the top is together i'll post! hope you have a GREAT, FABULOUS, INSPIRING day!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

rita's quilt :)

my sister and i have always said that we know it's a good gift when we want to keep it! :) i would like to keep this quilt but i'm not going to. i have a friend who i've been helping show her how to quilt. she is taking to it like a duck to water. :) if she ever starts to blog she might have the word crazy in her title too! :)

this is one of my favorite blocks. some of the last of my FABULOUS polka dots. one of the reasons that i wanted to make her a quilt is that the first three quilts she has made she has given them to other people. i did the same thing and amanda made me a quilt and i was THRILLED!!! so i thought i would keep that going. :)

this is the back. it's fabric i had and then i didn't have to go buy any. plus it matches so it worked!

binding is just a red that i used in the front. this should look very nice in her house. she has a brown leather couch and red accents. so do i thought ;) it really is more blessed to give than receive though! ;)

Friday, October 28, 2011

another quick b-day quilt

using the same fabric i'm making another friend a b-day quilt. this time i'm using the flea market fancy pattern. LOVING it!!! i will show the finished product soon. :)

have a FANTASTIC weekend.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

where there's a will...

there IS a way. i started this quilt on monday knowing that i had to try and get it done for a surprise party today. and i DID it!!! i'm cutting it close but it's in the washer right now!:) i LOVE this quilt. i will be making one for me! :) i was on amanda's blog last saturday looking at some of her tutorials and came across this one!!! love it. you should check it out. it's called cart wheels.

i used a solid back from joanns. it's taupe. and a burnt/rusty orange solid for the binding. i'm REALLY getting into solids. connecting threads has SUPER nice solids at a very affordable price. you should check them out. :) wow i'm just sending you all over the place today!

here is just a little closer shot of some of the yummy fabrics in this quilt! these colors look like my friend and i hope she likes her 50th bday surprise party!!! :) hope you have a GREAT day and week!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

cold weather is here...

and it is sooooooooooo much fun to quilt!!!! this is my new christmas quilt and i am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with it. do you just ever have a quilt you LOVE??? it is all quilt shop fabric which makes it all the better in my opinion. sale quilt shop fabric.

the back is a green fabric from the line. i really liked it. this quilt shrank A LOT. i have NO idea why. i still love it though!! :) are you ready for christmas??? :)

this is a baby quilt for a lady that i worked with last year. it's very soft colors. almost too soft of colors but it's still sweet. if you can by chance zoom in i LOVE the non pieced block fabric. some of that quilt shop going out of business stuff. soooooooooo sweet! i have it in blue also and will show the baby boy quilt i made when its done.

the back it a sweet little polka dot. i really like the hot pink binding to give it a punch!! hope you are having fun quilting!!! :) have a great week!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i'm over it

i'm over taking these 1" scraps and using them for things. i have definitely gotten my moneys worth with this fabric!!! i used these 1" scraps to make a coaster for work. it's bright and fun and if i'm having a bad day all i have to do is look at it and think sunshine and outside. :) this coaster finished about 5" squared. i though binding would be fun so i made it a little bigger. i could use a bowl on it also. :) the squares end up being a 1/2". so cute!!! but not so great to pin and work with. plus when i straight line quilted it it pulled so it's a bit wonky. oh well!!

i just used the orange polka dot on the back and called it a day and am now done with those scraps. they are in the garbage!! i've got other fabrics to wear into the ground. :) hope you have a FABULOUS day!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

what to do, what to do???

i have three quilts that i'm getting going and i don't know which one to stick with. this grey boarder one will then have a block next to it with a solid center and a white boarder. i'm wondering if i should do a white boarder on the pink and grey boarder on the solid? anyone want to have an input??? :)

this pink block is going to be cut up for a bento box square. i'm going to try and keep my squares in the same color scheme. we'll see if i can but i'm going to try. :)

and this last one i thought i'd start with a 4" square and boarder it in with 2 - 2 1/1" boarders. so then i thought i could do the opposite on the other block. 2 1/2 in the middle one 2 1/2" boarder and then a 4" boarder. well the 4" boarder ended up being a 3.25" boarder but if i use some solids in this quilt i think that it might have the affect that i'm going for. :) that would be nice. :) have a STUPENDOUS week!

Monday, September 12, 2011

off to its new home:):):)

well, i finished my 36 patch and just sent it off to my sister-in-law today. i think i'm going to keep one of these going all the time. i just love them!!! i did take the green row out to make it a bit smaller and because i didn't really love it in this quilt. i think it will fit a twin. it's about 68x85 or so. the actual size isn't always my biggest concern. as you can tell if you visited me before. ;) just put it this way. it's usually bigger than smaller. :)

for the backing i used what i had and it was great! there is a white stripe at the end that i didn't get in the picture. and this is my new favorite binding!! this polka dot by jennifer pagnelli or something like that. i guess i must not be a detail gal. :)

well here is the fabric i bought at my favorite store that went out of business. this isn't an up to date picture but this is the majority. i'm working on a christmas quilt with fabric from the sale so when i get some blocks done i'll share away!!! hope you have a great day!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

new project

my favorite fabric store is going out of business (which is SUPER SAD) but i've been stash building a little and these are a few of the fabrics that i've purchased and i also bought this pattern. i REALLY liked it. i'm to embarrassed to show how much fabric i've bought. i don't need it but this shop is FABULOUS that i just have to get as much as i can before it's gone. wednesday is it's last day!! :( :( maybe i'll show what i've bought at the end of this week because i have a feeling i'll be back one more time before she closes. it's hard to pass up discounted quilt shop fabric!!! have a great weekend! i forgot to say that this pattern is called sweet sugar swirls by fig tree & co. just in case anyone might want to look for it.:)

Monday, August 22, 2011

go big or go home :)

apparently this is my motto. :) here it is my 70 1/2 x 98 size 36 patch. it's so very hard for me to stay small. i'm a couple of rows from a king size and so i'm thinking about it. I was going to give this to my sister-in-law but this is so big for a lap size. :) seeing my sister-in-law is maybe 5'2". :) she could wrap up with all four kids! :)

i doubt i want to make another king right now so maybe i take a row off and use it in the back of the quilt. hey there's an idea!!!:) the reason i did sashing was i just had to show case my patches. i just couldn't handle the print on print. i think that was probably the point of this but i just couldn't do it. sorry. :)hope you are having a great day!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

couldn't wait!!!

i just couldn't wait to get started on my 36 patch assembly. all together my blocks were just tooooo much. so i decided to go a sashing route and i LOVE it. i hope my sister-in-law will also :) i am also a little addicted to patches. i just make a 16 patch and a 9 patch and am trying to figure out what to do with them. they are SO much fun!! can't wait to start seeing every ones! have a great day! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

round and round we go...

where we stop no one will know! :) i am in LOVE with this circle quilt!!! i love the boarder of bright circles on white. to me it helps this VERY busy quilt! :)

here is a closer look. i really need to take a photography class. :) but hopefully you get the idea. it love seeing quilts online and then putting your own spin on it. :) i learned from the best!!! :)

i just went with a solid hot pink back and LOVE that with the striped binding. i could have yards and yards and yards of that stripe!!! it's so very yummy!!!

here are the 15 - 36 patches that i worked on this week. these are so very busy i don't know if i can make them work in the quilt. i want to make a quilt for my sister-in-law so i might break some of them up. i would then make a quilt for her and for me i guess. i'll wait and see though. i might be able to make it work! :)

another fav of mine. the green has little pink ants on it. :) it's so cute!

last but not least i made a purse the other day. i just get a bee in my bonnet sometimes! it's a little purse but i really like it! :) it's fun to do a purse or a bag in the midst of quilting. :) hope you have a GREAT day!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

36 patch progress

i'm behind on this but i'll get there. these are the same block just set up differently. i felt like you couldn't see the fabrics that well in the lower pic so i took another one.

this has become my new fav!! :) so crisp. i still LOVE that denise schmidt fabric. i could wallpaper my house in it!! the green, pink or orange. yum!! :)

i made a couple of pillow covers. we only have wood floors at the new house and it's a killer to sit on to long!! hard to get up the older you get. :) hope you are having a nice day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

from yardage to scraps...

remember this stack of fabric? i guess i wanted to show you its progression in my house. :) i am so glad that i learned how to quilt from amanda and that i have grabbed onto the LOVE of scraps. i feel like i have some missing pictures that would show the progression but i think you'll get the idea. :) here is the first stage of the circle raw edge quilt. you have to draw a circle onto the fabric and cut it out so you are left with the next picture...and i balled it up and threw it in the garbage. but when i thought about the next step in the process i had other ideas about this being trash.:) hopefully this makes sence!

so the next step was to cut those circles into fourths and then re-sew them together. this tutorial showed me that it's more work but you want to cut the excess fabric off of the back of the 1/4 circle (this is a picture i'm missing so the tutorial will help)which when you are done then you so and the back will look like this. well now i have all these 1/4 circle and i just CAN'T throw them away!!!! that JUST WOULDN'T be right!!!!!!! i don't think i could sleep!! so i am sewing them together and will use them on white as a boarder for this quilt. one scrap down one the go! :)when i thought about the 1/4 circle i thought SURELY i could use the scrap from the cut out circles. and so i cut out 1" squares and will make floating nine patch squares. i LOVE them. i just HATED throwing any of this fabric away. it's so cheery!!!! makes me smile.just a heads up this is trash. :):)

this is the rough draft so to speak of the quilt called round and round we go. i'm getting the rows together and it is super fun and bright and cheery!!!

so that was some fabric progession in my house. hope you use yours to the fullest also!!!

last but not least here are six of my quilt along squares!!! i'm having soooooo much fun!!!