Wednesday, March 24, 2010

way toooooooo long

it has been tooooooo long since i've posted. i've been working a lot and then spring break and no machine until now.
the guy couldn't find anything wrong with it after two and a half weeks so i just went and got it. it's okay. i'm having bobbin issues. very frustrating!!!!! but it's getting better.
these are two blocks from some bees i'm in and i'm starting to work on some other things. hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

not again

well i was in the beginning stages of stippling when my machine went crazy and it's getting fixed again. this is a baby quilt for a friend that her show was on sunday. i gave her a picture of the quilt in progress and a little outfit. :) i should have taken a picture of that. SO CUTE!!! this is one of the oh frasson blocks just by itself. i REALLY like this block. it would be great with some solids or solids to break up patterns.
i'm so glad that i finished a february block before my machine started having problems. it's getting fixed right now and i have plenty of time to do my march blocks. phew!!:)

i forgot to take a picture of my orange shoes that are the reason for this plaque. i LOVE it. and i LOVE shoes!!! :) one of these days i'll remember to take a pic of them. hope you have a GREAT rest of the week!