Thursday, April 19, 2012

to much to do to little time :)

here is my newest project. a t-shirt quilt. not my most favorite but it is usually the person i'm making it for. :) and that's what it's all about. seeing i'm getting paid for this one i hope they LOVE it!!
we have a young gal at work ready to have a baby and so i wanted to try a pattern from one of my quilt books and i'm happy how it turned out. this pattern is called cubic rhythm from my easy quilt project book. really LOVE that book!!
and last weekend i finally started this quilt that amanda did that quilt a long for. it will be all solids. i've always wanted to try an all solids quilt. so here i go!i wish i had better lighting so you could see just how bright and fun this block really is. i'm going to try a whirlygiggle quilt that's print on print. that's VERY hard for me because i LOVE how white makes things POP! :) but this square is a good start for me. i REALLY LOVE it:) hope you are having a good week. be blessed my friends;)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

scrap therapy

going through my little scrap bin is very therapeutic. plus look at the treasure i found :) it ended up in the wrong bin. a bigger scrap. this scrap bin should have pieces no bigger that 2 1/2". can you tell i learned to quilt from amanda? i LOVE scraps. she has passed that on. :) i have found some pieces that weren't even usable either. i guess i just couldn't get rid of it at the time :)
i just finished this quilt top for a gal at work who is going to have a baby. it's a girl but i though the blue and green and some brown made for a fun twist so as not to be ALL pink. :) not everyone love pink i know. :) hope you have a blessed easter!!!