Monday, July 27, 2009

good times

i made sure that i had this to bind in the car on our trip. i thought it will take awhile (not that it didn't) but the trip was 4 hours and it didn't take me the whole time. i guess when that's all you have to do it goes quick!! i wasn't sure about this quilt at first but now that it's completely done i like it!!!

i just went with a plain backing and an happy i did. i'm kind of over the parchment color but there are times when i like it. like now!:)

this is the reason i made it. for the end of our bed. kind of brings some contrast with the parchment. i'm good with that.

here are the men in my life!!! i just love them. we had a very nice weekend. it was a beautiful wedding.

before we left town we went to a delicious pizza place!!!!!! we all really liked it which is a challenge in our household.:) anyone else have those problems with kids???

they also go to go cart. the younger on is driving. scary!!! he did fine after totally driving into the tire side part. they got YELLED at and my husband and i kind of started to laugh because we thought "he's only 8 and he only ran into something once!"
last but not least i spotted a quilt shop on the way up and got to stop on the way back! they had some nice fabric BUT i didn't buy any!!! can you believe it???? i am really trying to save my money for the fabric shack next week!!!!!!! i CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! hope you have a great day!!!


  1. beautiful family!!! your kids are so handsome! i love your quilt!!!! great job!

  2. can't believe you didn't buy any fabric! i'm always a sucker for the fat quarters. especially when they're wrapped up so nice.:)

  3. There's nothing better than finding a surprise quilt shop when you are out of town!! Kudos for sticking to your guns and not buying anything. I haven't found that type of willpower yet :)
    I have one son that will eat absolutely ANYTHING and one son that will eat chicken nuggets and pizza and nothing else. And my husband is almost just as picky. So I hear you on finding some place where we all enjoy! Glad you had a great trip and made it back safely.

  4. Your quilt turned out really nicely, and thanks for posting a photo of yourself - it's nice to a have a mental image of fellow quilters instead of just the quilts and occasional hands in the images :)

    Looks like you and your boys had a great time!


  5. What nice pictures and what a lovely family! So glad you could enjoy them! And stopping at a quilt shop and not buying? I do not understand this!!!! I really like that quilt too! So nice to have a finished project!

  6. I love car-binding! I always feel so productive after a long trip!

  7. did you take pics of you binding in the car? I can't imagine that!
    what kind of thread do you use to stipple? It looks great! :)

  8. that quilt looks so nice at the end of your bed. i try to be sure to take something to quilt when i go on vacations to my sisters...either some hand quilting or some binding.

  9. your quilt is lovely!!! i'm impressed that you didn't buy any fabric, either. good for you!

  10. Your quilt is lovely. What a great looking family. It looks like you had lots of fun.

  11. The quilt looks great. And looks like a very fun little trip.

  12. Great photos! Love to put a picture to your blog. Now, someday when I met you and Amanda, I might just know who I am looking for. What is Fabric Shack?