Saturday, January 21, 2012

i'm trying :)

i found some more blocks that were going to be a quilt that got shoved to the side (for at least two years). and because of the fabric in the block there is NO WAY i could let them go to waste. :) this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE fabric. i just LOVE this red polka dot!!! i was going to make a quilt i had done in the past with these but apparently i only made 8 of these block instead of the 12 i needed, so i improvised. it was fun trying to figure it out.

i got to use up the last big portions of this joann star fabric that i have in about every red quilt i've made. which has be A LOT. sad to see it go but it's been a good friend. i of course still have some scraps just not yardage. and here is the final product. :) it was fun to challenge myself with some triangles. i think i realized i really do like these stars and blocks together. hope you have a good day. i'm off to tournaments all day!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

weekend of wips :)

well here it is . my quilt of wips and orphan blocks. i'm rather pleased with it. :) the top 8 squares were from a quilt a long on line. i never did get all the blocks back. oh well. then the tumbler section i just wanted to try and that's all i did.

the section with the twelve squares was another idea i saw online and never seemed to finish it and the last section are the poor orphan blocks that i wanted to do a quilt with - made a block and then seemed to move on. to be honest i think i really like this quilt. it's definately different - but i guess i'm different :)

the backing is from connecting threads as you can see. :) it looked a little different online but i really like it and it has all the colors in it. it was 2.96 a yard. i LOVE connecting threads. if you haven't stopped by there yet i encourage you to do so! :) have a great night!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

another wip finished!!

this is what i'm working on in my house this weekend!! trying to work on my mess which is a pile of my wips. :( but i am knocking them out! :)

here is a pillow i started working on over christmas break. it's raw edge hexigons. it's my new FAV!!! :) i just LOVE it for some reason!!!

here it is with a pillow in it. it just makes me smile for some reason.

the back is kona cotton - green grass. the back is a slip cover so i can wash it if i need to. LOVE that! :):) i think this year i'm going to make a bunch of pillows. i have three 26 x 26 pillows and i want to have a set for each month. :) this way i can try new patterns without having to make a whole quilt. i will STILL make quilts of course but some i can just try on a way smaller scale. :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ruby's quilt

this is another wip i found!! once i decided that i wasn't going to keep going with this quilt i knew i would give it to ruby. she's not looking at me because i'm usually shooing her off the quilts on the floor. but NOT this one!:)

the backing is a fun print i found (with amanda) at mill end. i think it was 1.29 a yard and it's decorators fabric so its a bit thicker. i think it's so sweet!!

this is the front!!! i started off with a bang with 1.5" squares so finished they are 1". but that got really old really fast!! :) so i put a bigger border on and didn't really like it - put one more small border and called it quits. it has sat in my sewing room for over a year. so sad cuz i finished it so very quickly. i think i thought i would make it bigger. i'm glad i went this route.

the finished size is 36 x 36. she likes it and that's all that matters :)

Monday, January 9, 2012


well i had to open my big mouth to amanda and say "i don't think i have that many wips. i pretty much have just worked on a quilt and finished it." what a STUPID thing to say!!! :) i got to thinking about it and started looking for quilts i've started and lookie here. 10 quilt starts with NO finishes. SOOOOOO....i have the bright idea to combine them all into one quilt. to me it will work because i seem to have the same color scheme lately. :) i need to break out of it. even though i LOVE it so very much!:) i will keep updating my progress. i'm gong to add white to the bottom pieces and might have them float a little bit. that's what i'm up to. how about you???