Tuesday, July 26, 2011

from yardage to scraps...

remember this stack of fabric? i guess i wanted to show you its progression in my house. :) i am so glad that i learned how to quilt from amanda and that i have grabbed onto the LOVE of scraps. i feel like i have some missing pictures that would show the progression but i think you'll get the idea. :) here is the first stage of the circle raw edge quilt. you have to draw a circle onto the fabric and cut it out so you are left with the next picture...and i balled it up and threw it in the garbage. but when i thought about the next step in the process i had other ideas about this being trash.:) hopefully this makes sence!

so the next step was to cut those circles into fourths and then re-sew them together. this tutorial showed me that it's more work but you want to cut the excess fabric off of the back of the 1/4 circle (this is a picture i'm missing so the tutorial will help)which when you are done then you so and the back will look like this. well now i have all these 1/4 circle and i just CAN'T throw them away!!!! that JUST WOULDN'T be right!!!!!!! i don't think i could sleep!! so i am sewing them together and will use them on white as a boarder for this quilt. one scrap down one the go! :)when i thought about the 1/4 circle i thought SURELY i could use the scrap from the cut out circles. and so i cut out 1" squares and will make floating nine patch squares. i LOVE them. i just HATED throwing any of this fabric away. it's so cheery!!!! makes me smile.just a heads up this is trash. :):)

this is the rough draft so to speak of the quilt called round and round we go. i'm getting the rows together and it is super fun and bright and cheery!!!

so that was some fabric progession in my house. hope you use yours to the fullest also!!!

last but not least here are six of my quilt along squares!!! i'm having soooooo much fun!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the use of the teeny-tiny scraps to make the rough-edge nine patch. So cute!

  2. Love love love those fabrics and your drunkard's path is going to be awesome!