Monday, August 8, 2011

36 patch progress

i'm behind on this but i'll get there. these are the same block just set up differently. i felt like you couldn't see the fabrics that well in the lower pic so i took another one.

this has become my new fav!! :) so crisp. i still LOVE that denise schmidt fabric. i could wallpaper my house in it!! the green, pink or orange. yum!! :)

i made a couple of pillow covers. we only have wood floors at the new house and it's a killer to sit on to long!! hard to get up the older you get. :) hope you are having a nice day!


  1. This is fabulous! Something about sewing squares together that I really enjoy.

    I would love to see your work on! It would be SO appreciated there.

    Thanks, Allison
    (ps. full disclosure - I am a co-founder of the site).

  2. Oh boy, that pillow cover makes me want to go raid my scraps right now!