Sunday, July 17, 2011

IT'S BACK!!!! and so an i!!!!!

my machine is fixed and i am THRILLED!!! i'm ready to make 100 quilts :) i'm going to join amanda's 36 patch quilt along - i had to try a block so here it is. i know she hasn't given the details but i went ahead anyway. :) i'm starting to cut out my raw edge circle quilt. VERY exciting!!! LOVING the color combo. i will keep you up to date on my progress!

and i started this bag before the machine when down and was finally able to finish it yesterday! this is fabric from when i went to NY. that was 3 years ago. i was waiting for the perfect project and to me this bag was it. i LOVE it. it's got little tiny cherry's on it. it's soft and feminine. i love that!!:) hope you are having a great weekend!!!


  1. I loved the fabric colors. Your circles are amazing and the bag too.

  2. Glad your machine is back! I can't imagine going without...and I LOVE the colors for your circle quilt! It will look great when it is finished...;-)

  3. Yippee! Doesn't it feel weird when your machine is gone? I am looking forward to seeing your raw edge circle quilt. I would like to make one of those also.

    Deb from