Saturday, March 19, 2011

keeping with the madness

i cut this quilt out yesterday and put it together this morning. it's for a friend who is going to have their third baby. she was our babysitter for years and now she is having her own.
she asked me about the alphabet fabric - i haven't told her about it yet because i'm hoping to get it to her this week to show her she won't need any! :) this fabric is super sweet. i will pin it tomorrow (i'm off to the last basketball tournament!) then i will have 2 lap size quilts pinned and 1 baby quilt ready to stipple! spring break is over so i can just let a quilt sit in the machine waiting for a few minutes here and there when i get a chance. break was good!!!!:):):)


  1. Awww! This is one of the best baby quilts I've ever seen. I love the fabrics that you used in making this baby quilt. I'm sure your friend and her baby will definitely love this. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. I"m amazed at the amount of quilts you finish! I especially love this one!