Thursday, March 17, 2011

finishing is fun!

here is a quilt that i made for my sister-in-laws mom. hope she likes it. i LOVE the fact that it is all scraps from my bin.
i used binding that i've had for awhile. i did have to buy backing. i don't usually have 8 yards of fabric laying around. i wish i had huge chunks of fabric for projects like this but oh well.

lastly, thank you everyone for your comments on this quilt. i didn't use sashing and i LOVE it! i'm giving it to my sister-in-law on my hubbys side. the only one i haven't made one for yet. shame on me. i hope she like it. :) i really appreciate all your comments. thanks again for stopping by. oh one last thing I CAN SEE A LOT OF OUR GRASS!!!!! how about you? :)


  1. Both of those quilts are beauties! Very nice work.

  2. I absolutely love the quilt you made for your sister-in-law's mother! By any chance can your give me a quick summary of how you pieced the top together?

  3. that is an amazing scrap quilt!!! you did a beautiful job, how could she not LOVE it????