Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bobbie's gift

what i love about quilts when they are done is you don't need wrapping paper! it's its own pretty wrapping.
back and front views.

my friend bobbie is so sweet and i missed her birthday. i still don't know the date just that i missed it thanks to facebook. so i threw this together and hope she loves it. it finished at 50 1/2 x 71. i haven't made a brick quilt in so very long that is was fun and made me want to make a whole bunch because i LOVE how it turned out. i'm way into gray right now! :) do you every get stuck on a color???


  1. It's a good thing because I SUCK at wrapping!

    If I am making a quilt it probably has green, red, or orange in it.

  2. It is gorgeous. It's hard to tell are the bricks 3 x 6?

  3. It's really beautiful Heather! I am loving the entire palette you used. The gray anchors the whole thing - gorgeous!

  4. The quilt is so nice. I think getting stuck on a color for awhile is good. That's one of the fun parts of quilting, right? There are so many things in life we have to do in moderation, so using gray til the cows come home just makes perfect sense!

  5. it's gorgeous, Heather. If you get stuck in a color rut as pretty as this, what's the harm in that? ;)