Thursday, April 29, 2010

proud of my mamma!! :)

my mom maid her first king size quilt!!!!! i'm sooooooooooooooooo VERY proud of her!!!!!!! it looks FANTASTIC!!! she and my dad were in az visiting family so i stippled it up for her and i get to give it to her tomorrow which happens to be her birthday!!!
these are the shams i made. i love the raw stitching look. hope she does.

this is the back and she came up with it!!!!! once again sooooooooooooooo VERY proud!!!!! my mom used to take us to joanns or fabric shops. oh how i used to hate it!! now we enjoy ourselves at fabric shops together!!!
this is just the print on the back a bit closer. i liked it! happy b-day mom!!! i love you!!!!:):)
hope you have a GREAT day!!


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate mom's bday!! a Quilt and a thankful quilty daughter! she'll be sooo happy!

  2. wow, that is wonderful.....what a great daughter you are to stipple it for her.

  3. I am envious of your stippling..... it is so-o-o uniform.
    did CMQ teach you to stipple??
    beautiful quilt!!
    mom will be happy too!


  4. Yay for your mom! And what a wonderful birthday present to have a completely finished quilt to use!

  5. Wow - what a great King sized quilt. And so nice of you to stipple it on your machine - that must have been quite a heavy load!

    It looks wonderful - and happy birthday to you and your mom :)

  6. Did you stipple this on a home machine, or do you have a long arm?

  7. It's beautiful! I remember hating going to fabric shops with my mom when I was younger too! I love it now too :)