Tuesday, January 5, 2010

bee in my bonnet

well on friday as everyone is making new years resolutins i decided to make one (of many). it was to be better about sending birthday cards to family member and maybe to mine and my husbands siblings a gift. so friday i looked at a list that i have for b-days and my sister-in-laws birthday is the 11th. she is VERY good to us and the boys and i remembered that i bought this fat quarter at fabric shack just for her this summer. she loves tea and still literally throws tea parties still. so friday i started figuring out block sizes ...
by saturday i had the top put together and on sunday i laid it out. monday i stippled and today i finished the binding. it's in the dryer as we speak. my goal was to get it in the mail by tomorrow. mission accomplished. it feels so good. when i put my mind to it i can work very fast. 5 days from start to finish is fun to say! :)

i just used parchement for the backing and a fun polka dot for the binding.
now to address a very sad for us but for her happy thing. i haven't been on like much and just found out the amandajean isn't going to blog anymore. it's so crazy because i was going to to a post about her to thank her for ALL that she does for us blogger. i just still might. i just want to say thank you to her because she did show me how to quilt and i LOVE it. she will be missed with all her inspiration but i'm glad she is doing something for herself!! be blessed in whatever you do my friend!!!
have a FANTASTIC day everyone and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cute quilt and awesome job gettting it done is such a timely manner!

    I think we'll all mourn Amanda Jean's blog end.

  2. I'm in mourning too... I'm glad I found your blog through her. I really like this pattern, Do you have a tutorial?? What is the finished size of the quilt. If you don't have a tutorial, at least let me know the block sizes. I think I could figure it out from your picture.

    Love the colors you used. It's great!

  3. I was working my way up my blog list, and just read about AJ. She started me quilting almost 3 years ago now. I just blogged about her, not even knowing that she will no longer blog. I don't think that she thought the blog would take on a life of it's own when this talented young woman created those amazing little daily blogs!
    I too am so very sad. I had tears in my eyes when I read her last blog.
    On a happier note, your quilt is so very lovely.

  4. Love the quilt! And yes I was VERY VERY SAD that she is no longer going to blog. She also taught me how to quilt... along with others but if you only knew the countless hours I spent on her pages.... But yet I am happy that she is doing something for herself. Keep blogging it's an inspiration to me!

  5. I love that quilt. I haven't done one in 5 days yet, but here's to trying!

  6. What a pretty tea quilt and how fast you put it together!! She'll love it!! Very nice job!

  7. this is so pretty...the colors are so soft and calm

  8. What a lovely little quilt! I'm sure your SIL will LOVE it.

    And, oh my gosh, it is so sad about amandajean... she has been such an amazing source of inspiration to me too. But it sounds like it is going to be a positive change for her, and I'm happy that she's working to find her own balance and joy.

  9. Um, isn't that the Mod sampler quilt from Oh Fransson!? CUTE!

  10. I see the words "mourning" and inspiration" repeatedly when talking of Amandajean.

    I'm having trouble getting into the daily blogger check since she's not got a new post. Crazymomquilts was always my first blog to check. It is so-o-o sad.....

    I'm glad i found your blog though and i look forward to popping in on a regular basis. Lovely work you do.


  11. Cute quilt I have a 3 day weekend coming up and am now thinking of making that a 5 day weekend to see if I can make a quilt in 5 days.

    A tip that I read once about sending cards is to write down everyones birthdays and anniversarys that you would like to send a card to and then one day when you have plenty of time go to the card shop and by all the cards for that year. Of course you might also get some thank you's, sorry for your loss and congrulations. I hope this helps. I would like to try it out but too many to buy at once for my pocket.


  12. Yes, that does look just like the Mod Sampler, minus the sashing....

  13. the quilt is beautiful! wowza! 5 days is QUITE impressive.

    you are so welcome, friend. i'm ao glad that the quilting bug bit you. :) it's great fun to see you churn them out like crazy.