Monday, January 26, 2009

What to do what to do...

Here are a few of the projects that I have going on...

I am making new bed quilts for my boys which are the red, white and blue

I am working on a new king size for me - I just need the back so I can pin it. (it's being ordered)

I am working on a green and blue flea market fancy quilt (love, love, love it!)

I have a quilt in progress that I forgot to show

and lastly I have a swell (fabric) quilt that I've had going for 6-7 months because I'm just not happy with it. but I want to get it done!!

The problem with the projects I don't want to finish is here are all the new projects that I want to start and then some! Is there any doubt in your mind that I caught this bug from none other than amandajean?:) I LOVE FABRIC!!!! I think I could wallpaper my walls in it!:)
I best get cracking. Hope you have a fantastic day!


  1. No doubt about it you've got the bug!!

  2. I am a collector of material - therefore I am 'materialistic'. I had a friend who loved material so much she used to say 'It's so beautiful I could just eat it'. ;-) Cherrie

  3. i love your works in progress. so many quilts to make so little time. it's a tough problem to have, isn't it???

  4. Do you have a pattern you used for your boys' quilts? I've only made two quilts so very much a beginner. I love them!