Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random things about me

There is the 25 Random things about me going around on facebook. I've been tagged a lot of time and did it for facebook but thought I'd do it on the blog for fun.

I'm not going to do 25 just 5-10 whatever hits me.

1. I have a very sensitive nose. I have had partylite parties and not candle are lit because they give me a headach and stink.

2. I have never lived in a place longer than 9 years.

3. I like change. I think it's good.

4. My middle name is andrienne

5. I have only been quilting a year.

6. I love my husband. He is super fantastic.

7. I am thankful for God's grace in my life.

8. I'm not an emotional person but could get choked up everytime I see that someone has left a comment on my blog. Silly I know but true!!:)

Have a fantastic day! I'm off to a basketball tournament.


  1. Great to know you better! Have fun at the tournament.

  2. i liked reading your random list. :) i hope you had a great day at the basketball tournament.

    and by the way, my test quilt is giving me a headache.

  3. well, it is good to get to know you!!!

  4. I love those lists. And I totally get the choked up thing too! Feedback on our blogs is the best happy feeling isn't it?