Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ruby's quilt

this is another wip i found!! once i decided that i wasn't going to keep going with this quilt i knew i would give it to ruby. she's not looking at me because i'm usually shooing her off the quilts on the floor. but NOT this one!:)

the backing is a fun print i found (with amanda) at mill end. i think it was 1.29 a yard and it's decorators fabric so its a bit thicker. i think it's so sweet!!

this is the front!!! i started off with a bang with 1.5" squares so finished they are 1". but that got really old really fast!! :) so i put a bigger border on and didn't really like it - put one more small border and called it quits. it has sat in my sewing room for over a year. so sad cuz i finished it so very quickly. i think i thought i would make it bigger. i'm glad i went this route.

the finished size is 36 x 36. she likes it and that's all that matters :)


  1. Woo hoo! A WIP finished. It looks great. I was just analysing my WIP's today....

  2. Soooo cute!!! Both, the dog and quilt!

  3. Nice job...I made my dog a quilt as well!! LOL...he is like my baby... ;-)

  4. Now she has a quilt to lay on while you work on your other projects. What a cutie Ruby is.


  5. That's gorgeous! I love it.