Saturday, January 14, 2012

another wip finished!!

this is what i'm working on in my house this weekend!! trying to work on my mess which is a pile of my wips. :( but i am knocking them out! :)

here is a pillow i started working on over christmas break. it's raw edge hexigons. it's my new FAV!!! :) i just LOVE it for some reason!!!

here it is with a pillow in it. it just makes me smile for some reason.

the back is kona cotton - green grass. the back is a slip cover so i can wash it if i need to. LOVE that! :):) i think this year i'm going to make a bunch of pillows. i have three 26 x 26 pillows and i want to have a set for each month. :) this way i can try new patterns without having to make a whole quilt. i will STILL make quilts of course but some i can just try on a way smaller scale. :)

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