Friday, July 2, 2010

off and running

june started with a bang!! we are getting a house ready to move into. this is major work. the house needs LOTS of tlc!!!! so in this post there are pictures of my torn up house and quilts. :) i finished 5 this month but don't have all of them shown. in between painting ceilings, getting walls ready to paint and then painting and then mudding other walls and prepping them i did enjoy some quilting. that's only the stuff i can do too! these pictures show you only what is being torn down/apart and then put back together again. :) when things start to get more done i'll show a few more updates. it's been awhile so i hope everyone is enjoying their summer and all is well. new quilting room. i got two more feet added to it so it's going to be a little bigger.
my nephew quinn's quilt.
tearing out walls in the bathroom.
some of the great color schemes in this house.:)

fireplace that is torn out because it was fake. a set of logs with a light under it. :)
christmas tree wall hanging. i made a quilt to match just haven't photographed it yet.
graduation quilt
mother-in-laws queen sized finished.
project i just started and now it's at a stand still.

different view. if you lasted though this big loooooooooooonnnnngggg post - have a GREAT day!!!!


  1. Wow. You have a lot going on. Love your finishes...especially the Christmas tree. Is this an original design?

  2. wow that is a lot of are working on some amazing quilts. i love the last one. i am doing something similar with vintage sheets right now.

  3. Love seeing your new house and the pictures of your gorgeous quilts

  4. Wow-is that top photo going to be your quilting room??? It looks great!
    Love the Christmas tree wall hanging-is that your own pattern-it's really fantastic!

  5. I love your little Christmas tree qulit. It's so cute!