Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i just couldn't help it. i saw these pinks and greens and couldn't help starting a new project. why? who knows. :) i haven't done a log cabin in a LONG time and i just LOVE this look and the colors.
i am also working on my 9 patch. i found more scraps of my fabric and so i think i'm going to be able to make it bigger than i thought. i really don't like messing with sashing so i'm boxing them in as i go. origanally i wasn't going to use sashing but i didn't want to match up all those seams so i reconsidered! :) hope you had a great holiday weekend. have a great day!


  1. On your 9-Patch . . . great way to get sashing without . . . well, doing sashing! So simple, but so smart. (I like the colors of your 9-Patch, too.)

  2. You need no excuse to start a new quilt! It's what we do!

  3. I love those colors! I especially like the 'L' shaped blocks. Really does something special for the whole!

  4. oh your log cabin blocks are so pretty...they look so fun!

  5. Really nice colors. Becoming a beautiful package.

  6. I just started some "wonky" log cabins following a tutorial on quiltdad.com. Check it out. It is really fun.

  7. I just love the pink and greens together, I just made a quick quilt with them....love it!!

  8. Hey! I really like that 9 patch! I'm working on mine too. I only have about 35 squares so far. good job!

  9. Can't blame you love the colors too!

  10. Sashing is the way to go. I haven't done many quilts but I have played around enough to know that matching up seams is for the birds.


  11. Hey Heather,
    Those colors are perfect for that block. Check out this other blog I found, they like that color combo too. http://pinkpicklequilts.blogspot.com/


  12. good idea to get around the sashing! you are a smart woman. love the pink and green log cabins. so sweet!

  13. hey heather,
    it's me, your sister's sister in law, lucy
    well, melissa told me you had a quilting blog and since i LOVVVE to look at quilting blogs of course i had to come visit! WOW.
    your quilts are lovely and your blog is going to be bookmarked and looked at by me regularly!

    i looked at older posts and though it was cool that you'd been doing the 9patch quiltalong too. i was trying to but haven't got so far. mainly due to power cuts, sick children, and general lack of time having a 2yr old and 1 yr old....(i took my sewing machine over to sudan in suitcase)
    we are in the US for 2 weeks - sorry we don't get to see you this time - but i will keep checking out your blog.
    i am going to go shopping at walmart and joann fabrics this next week - YAY.
    can't get cotton fabric in sudan and anything else there is horribly overpriced (at least compared to walmart!
    anyways - very impressed with your quilts and blog,
    lots of love from lucy
    ps we're all well - enjoying our holiday very much