Friday, February 27, 2009


These are the silly little things that get me sidetracked. Bookmarks.:) My boys were telling me that they didn't have any (well lost them) and I thought "I could make fabric ones!!" So I did.
These are the backs to the top fronts. These make me want to pick up a book and read and then use the book mark and then hurry up and get back to that spot. I'm such a dork!!

And this is the book cover I made. Apparently, I'm still in high school!:) But I love the fabric and when I check out books from the library I think this will help keep them better than when they just sit around. Am I crazy or what?! What sidetracks you??? One more thing that sidetracks me is a giveaway. There is one at Lovely Little Hand Mades. Check it out!


  1. Hi Heather!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love the Brady Bunch too! I record it for my kids to watch and they love it! I think its on in the middle of the night on TVland if you get that channel. A friend of mine bought the DVD set for her kids! I am just starting to knit so I doubt I could knit that sweater. I just think its so funny!

  2. great minds think alike!!! i just made a cover for my 'take everywhere composition notebook' tonight. It looks so much nicer now! i love the fabric bookmark idea...i am forever looking for mine too, and always end up just picking up some scrap of paper from around the house.

  3. Fabric bookmarks are a great idea and a nice way to use up those scraps. I hope they will use them frequently. The book cover is fantastic too, love it!

  4. what sidetracks me? quilts. and more quilts. and MORE quilts!!!

    I think i have 10 going right now. 10!!! that's just crazy!

  5. Love the bookmarks, great idea! I really like the look of a fabric cover on a book, cozier looking! Sidetracks me...oh, so many things...sewing, books, kids, I'm very easily distracted! Have a great day Heather!

  6. I didn't get the wee play fabric at Joanns. I got it from another fabric store in town called Beverly's. They are not a quilt shop but more like a scaled down Joann's (with craft supplies and stuff like that). They carry designer fabrics, not the Joann's stuff. Love your blog, I just went through the whole thing today and I can't believe you just started quilting. Your quilts are amazing!