Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!

i don't know if we've ever seen this much water out back. if it freezes we will be able to ice skate. :)

the roads are really sloppy but not icey. i'll take the day off!!! :) my husband thinks we got a freebie today. i'm good with that! :)
i still LOVE my kitchen and love when they boys like to hang out with me. nolan loves to be comfortable. he has a couple quilts and the quilts are covering three big pillows. :) we will relax a lot today! :) hope you have a great day!


  1. I found you via the ColoradoLady, I saw you are having a snow day too and thought I should pop over. Then I saw you also have a Nolan!! Have a great freebie day!

  2. SO it might be inappropriate to tell you that it is close to 80 in Texas today and we are on our way outside to play? Would that be mean? :-) Hey....a snow day is a chance to stay in and sew, right? Hope you enjoy that extra down time. We got cheated out of a winter here in the south, and when it's a million degrees here in summer you are welcome to get back at me by commenting on your lovely summer weather. :-)