Sunday, December 11, 2011

out of my comfort zone

i usually use white as my color break but with it being winter i thought i should try something else. and i like the results of gray instead of white. it's nice to come out of that comfort zone once in awhile. :) amanda turned me on to this FABULOUS gray from connecting threads. unfortunately it was clearanced out. BUT they really have some GREAT colors and the fabric is SUPER nice! latte is my FAVORITE brown color. you should check them out. this pattern is called cracker box. i've also done a smaller version of this which is called baby crackers. i'm sorry i forget the details so often. :) i'm just so excited about the quilt colors. :) i think i might do a border on this so when the top is together i'll post! hope you have a GREAT, FABULOUS, INSPIRING day!!!


  1. I always tend to use white as a background. Recently I did a quilt with a yellow background, and it really encouraged me to go bold more often. It was fun, and I really liked the change! I like your cracker quilt. :-)

  2. looking good! I am currently making a quilt and have chosen a soft yellow (Kona Maize) as the background. I am loving it.

  3. Very nice, and good job jumping out of your comfort zone! Like you I am definitely a white girl, makes quilts look so fresh and clean.