Monday, October 17, 2011

cold weather is here...

and it is sooooooooooo much fun to quilt!!!! this is my new christmas quilt and i am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with it. do you just ever have a quilt you LOVE??? it is all quilt shop fabric which makes it all the better in my opinion. sale quilt shop fabric.

the back is a green fabric from the line. i really liked it. this quilt shrank A LOT. i have NO idea why. i still love it though!! :) are you ready for christmas??? :)

this is a baby quilt for a lady that i worked with last year. it's very soft colors. almost too soft of colors but it's still sweet. if you can by chance zoom in i LOVE the non pieced block fabric. some of that quilt shop going out of business stuff. soooooooooo sweet! i have it in blue also and will show the baby boy quilt i made when its done.

the back it a sweet little polka dot. i really like the hot pink binding to give it a punch!! hope you are having fun quilting!!! :) have a great week!!


  1. Beautiful quilts Heather! I love the Christmas one, although I am NOT ready for it to come!

  2. It is just just set the light bulb off in my head....

  3. Oooh, your Christmas quilt is wonderful. I love the green backing!

  4. Heather,
    I love a little blue with traditional Christmas colors. Thanks for sharing.
    Jodi B

  5. I love, love LOVE that Christmas quilt!! :)