Monday, September 12, 2011

off to its new home:):):)

well, i finished my 36 patch and just sent it off to my sister-in-law today. i think i'm going to keep one of these going all the time. i just love them!!! i did take the green row out to make it a bit smaller and because i didn't really love it in this quilt. i think it will fit a twin. it's about 68x85 or so. the actual size isn't always my biggest concern. as you can tell if you visited me before. ;) just put it this way. it's usually bigger than smaller. :)

for the backing i used what i had and it was great! there is a white stripe at the end that i didn't get in the picture. and this is my new favorite binding!! this polka dot by jennifer pagnelli or something like that. i guess i must not be a detail gal. :)

well here is the fabric i bought at my favorite store that went out of business. this isn't an up to date picture but this is the majority. i'm working on a christmas quilt with fabric from the sale so when i get some blocks done i'll share away!!! hope you have a great day!!!