Saturday, February 5, 2011

janes gift

we are having a surprise party for my friend jane tonight an i finished her quilt last night. :) i really do LOVE this quilt and think i might make a king size one for summer!!
i got the backing at joanns and i loved it.

the binding was also from joanns and i loved it as well. they have a section that's not with all the calicos - it's almost like quilt shop stuff. this is were i tend to look now when i'm there.

see the sweet little stars? i LOVE them!! i might have to go get more of this.:) hope you have a great weekend. we are going to have a few warm day (up to 30) and then we go back into the deep freeze. :) it's pathetic when it hits 30 and you think that's warm :)


  1. I really love that quilt, great design. It might just be my next project. Great fabrics too. Jane will be thrilled. And yes, it is pathetic when 30 is warm. I've been tricked into thinking that too, lol.

  2. What a nice and fun did a great job and I'm sure Jane is gonna love it!!...And yes... agree on the "is pathetic when 30 is warm...I've been there too LOL...