Thursday, January 6, 2011

new year, new projects and a cute doggie!:)

ruby LOVES the snow. after every walk she has a snowy nose. she is a terrior (carin) so she is constantly snifing/searching. :) we think she is so very cute!!
i am so psyched about this plus sign quilt. i got it from filminthefridge. i'm copying a lot of her stuff right now. she has a GREAT blog!!!!! this will go on the end of my bed. i haven't had a quilt at the end of my bed that's matched since i made it. i can't wait!
i'm all about squares on point right now. these are my scraps. some with the quilt above. i'm really trying to use them up!! i'm making this for someone though. hope they like it. :)
it feels good being back into a quilt swing. very fun!


  1. Love the plus sign quilt! Your fabrics look fabulous.

  2. Love your pics & you are right - your doggie is so very cute!

  3. Ruby is adorable and I love your quilts.

  4. Ruby is a cutie! I'm crazy about that plus quilt. I hope you'll post a completed picture of it at the foot of your bed. I'm crazy about red, and I love the layout of your blocks!

    Hey, I totally copied your Christmas tree wall hanging. I guess I found it on your blog one day and drew the pattern in my sketch book that I keep next to my computer. I usually try to be good about jotting down where I get my ideas, but when I came upon that wall hanging and decided to make it, I couldn't for the life of me remember where I had seen it in the first place! I was scrolling through your wonderful blog this morning, and there it was!

    Just wanted to say "thanks" for showing a cute piece that gave me some good inspiration, and to apologize that I didn't give you credit when I (shamelessly!!) copied your idea. I normally put my own "spin" on things, but I loved that wall hanging so much, I just plain stole it! It hung above my mantle this Christmas.

    Your work is lovely and I enjoy your blog. Good luck getting that plus quilt finished.