Sunday, December 26, 2010

i did it!!!

i finally finished my very first quilt!!! i am sooooo very happy. i started it in 2007. it is my 94th quilt. i called it the pretty quilt and i guess i still think that it is. i love the squared in look on the back of the quilt. that's what took me so long in the beginning. when i started working on this quilt friday i guess i didn't know what the big deal was. i guess some experience under your belt with king and queen size quilts and this seemed like a baby quilt.:)
i couldn't get my picture to rotate so this in the back and the bigger chunk of pink is the top. it finished at 48x64. that is a baby size to me. but it's cute!:) i just had to share that i finally finished my first quilt!!!!


  1. 94th quilt? that is amazing

    it looks beautiful

  2. Beautiful colors. And your 94th - Amazing!

  3. Beautiful! If it's your 94th quilt, why do you say it's your first quilt? I'm confused!!

  4. congrats on finishing it!!! i'm very happy to hear it. it sure is pretty. :)