Sunday, October 17, 2010

before and after

here are a few before and after pictures. this is my kitchen before anything happened.

this is my kitchen now!!! i LOVE it. i have a dishwasher!!! it's open and being used as you can see!

these are my new concrete countertops. they are beautiful!:) these are some barstools that i found on the side of the road and i thought that they'd be good in our new house.
and here is what they look like now. a little fabric and some spray paint go a long way! one of these days i'm going to be able to get back to some quilting. hope you are doing well!!!!:)


  1. I just love a good "found by the road" rehab project!! Really cute!! And awesome kitchen too!

  2. gorgeous kitchen!!! i love the concrete counter.

  3. the kitchen and bar stools look great! have fun cooking in your new digs.

  4. Wow, the bar stools look amazing! I love finds like that. Your kitchen looks beautiful and so full of light.

  5. Looks great. Glad to see you didn't get buried in boxes-I was wondering what had happened to you. Great kitchen!

  6. Oh you lucky girl! I'm in love with it all. Yes the dishwasher isn't a luxury, it's a necessity and also uses less water than doing dishes by hand. People don't believe that but it's true. Besides I hate doing dishes!
    Great bright, cheery kitchen!