Saturday, November 28, 2009

car projects

here are a few of my car projects, i tore paper off six of my string quilt squares. i only have 14 more to go and i was working on those today. won't be long and i will hopefully finish that quilt!
i also finished the binding on the baby quilt that i was supposed to have done by october 25th. she knows that i've been working on it though!!
i worked on my knitting. this is just going to be a baby blanket. i don't know for who yet. but we have about 5 or 6 more babies to go at our church. :)
my mother-in-law wanted to learn how to knit...i ended up doing it for her. we were cracking up how she kept holding the needles. i don't think i'm a very good teacher either though. so there is her scarf.
lastly my nephew taught me how to crochet and i'm very slow at it but it's fun for something different. i'm just starting with a wash rag. then maybe i will go for something bigger? who knows.
here are some of my finds from the fabric shack. this is yardage. they have a table that is 2.98 a yard and you have to buy the full piece. some of my pieces are a 1/4 yard and some of my pieces are a yard and some are in between. i have some amy butler, michael miller other moda it's going to be soooooo much fun to work with!
this is robert kauffman and it's one of my faves!!!! this is a fat quarter even though it was on the sale table.
here are some very random fat quarters. i was THRILLED to find more of that red polka dot!!!

this is going to be a GREAT quilt!!!!! i can't wait to work with this pile!!!

and these two stacks are from my sister-in-law for my birthday. they are flannels and i can't wait to work with them. one is fall and one is winter with snowmen on it. they are so very cute!! i don't want to start any new projects until i finish all that i have started but this fabric is making it very hard for me. i think i have about 7 or 8 wips so i'm going to do my best to get them done before the new year. we'll see....... :)


  1. It's fun to buy fabric. You dream about ALL the quilts you're going to make!!! Go ahead and start a new's really o.k.
    Look forward to seeing that string quilt completed! looks great!

  2. Oh wow...look at all those projects and lovely fabrics...ummmm ummm good!!

  3. Holy smokes! Lots going on here. Tons of great fabric and wonderful projects. I love the string quilt.

  4. you are so all the new fabric. i wish i was close to a fabric store like that. sounds awesome. the string quilt i know is going to be amazing

  5. Doesn't it just give you a high to have all that new fabric and be thinking of all the gorgeous quilts you can make with it? Quilting may be an addition, but a great one to have!

  6. I so want to attempt a string looks so time consuming. But beautiful and bright which I love.

  7. how great that your nephew taught you how to crochet! how do you like it?